Tuesday, May 19, 2015

NYCHA is just a big mess

From PIX11:

The paint is peeling. The walls are covered in mold. Rats run free and many tenants are lucky if they have hot water.

The Frederick Douglass Houses on the Upper West Side are home to thousands of people and the problems there are dire.

“I’ve called for repairs over and over again. And they come and they look and they say that they are going to come back and they never come back,” longtime resident Soraya Vazquez said. Suffering from cancer and asthma, the mold in her apartment makes things worse.

Broken elevators, leaky pipes and bugs; just a few more of the problems described here.

According to Tenant Association president Carmen Quinones, “They have no contracts. They have no personnel to carry out all the repairs.”


georgetheatheist said...


Collectivism (Socialism, Communism, Liberalism) in its naked form.

What? You deny it? Can't get clearer than this.

Anonymous said...

This is why I wonder who is going to take care of all the repairs in these "affordable houses" that are going up. The city can't even maintain the structures it has now, let's see the affordable houses conditions 30 years after its been built! It's A Disaster waiting To happen!

Anonymous said...

We need, we need, we need! Woe to you, NYC taxpayer!

Anonymous said...

Agreed-- it's disgusting and a shame...and residents should just pack up their welfare checks and government vouchers and free-ride everything and move to Omaha or to Chicago or Tampa. Just get up and move away from NYC. As far as you can go. Fast.

Anonymous said...

Someone needs to tell Soraya Vazquez that the city is not going to give her an apartment of the same quality of someone who has worked their whole life, saved, and paid taxes. There's not enough money in the city, or state, or country to do that.

Anonymous said...

Everything breaks down in these apartments because they are treated like rental cars.

When you earn something you take care of it.

When you are given something you have no respect for its value and will just complain until you get a new one after you break it.

Typical ghetto mentality.

georgetheatheist said...

"...treated like rental cars."

You mess-up a rental car and you pay for it.

JQ said...

Maybe it's a stretch, but these residents should take the recent decision to award that hipster couple in that 80-20 tower the right to the balcony and the subsequent removal of the cables blocking it. Or maybe the city is planning to court venture and private equity firms to buy NYCHA housing and insidiously refusing to serve these tenants to force them out and bring them to overvalued market rates.

Anonymous said...

If all you know is entitlement the idea of responsibility is alien. The two cannot co-exist in the same mind.