Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Developer changes plans for Whitestone site

From the Wall Street Journal:

Developers of waterfront sites throughout the city are building towers as high as possible, but the New York-based development firm Edgestone Group is taking a low-density approach in Whitestone, Queens, in response to pressure from the community.

Edgestone Group has decided to scale back its plans to build housing on an 18-acre waterfront site, one of the largest development sites in the borough. Last month, the developer presented a plan to the local community board to build 107 mostly two-family townhouses on the site overlooking the East River.

But after what project architect Joseph Sultana concedes was “a barrage of complaints,” Edgestone has decided to revise its plans to include an undetermined number of single-family homes. “We are back to the drawing board,” said Mr. Sultana.

The concession, unusual for a developer, underscores the strong anti-density sentiment in this middle- and upper-class enclave, distinguished by single-family homes and views of the Bronx-Whitestone Bridge. Residents typically view increased density with caution, said Joe Sweeney, chairman of the community board’s consumer-affairs committee.


Anonymous said...

I swear the reporters are getting lazier and lazier when reporting on the former Bayrock property.

It's 13 acres, not 18.

The current developer, who purchased it several years ago for pennies on the dollar and then contaminated it (after it had been cleaned up!), has no idea what they're doing. This is why they proposed 107 two-family buildings and are now "scaling it back" as they have stated.

They don't even have a land use lawyer, as their previous one quit due to their greed and incompetence.

There is no "scaling back" - It's approved for 52 detached single-family houses. Period.

Anonymous said...

Just as lawyers seek ridiculous awards for their clients, when they get litigated down , it looks like a victory for the the other side.

The only REAL power that people have is keeping people like the Vallones out of their district.

Vote wrong once, and get paid back ten fold right up the booty! Make sure that Don Paulo doesn't get a second term.

Anonymous said...

Read this carefully. "Include an Undetermined amount of single family homes" Sultana states all sides will "Compromise"! Sorry no! This is OUR neighborhood. 52 single family homes ONLY!


Anonymous said...

NY is just to over populated to live in anymore.

Anonymous said...

Try Tokyo. It's worse.

Anonymous said...

First of all; it's 21 acres combined! Secondly; Whitestone should be grateful to see that mess finally developed! The whole neighborhood suffers from that industrial waste of land. Only ones complaining are the greedy sob's that want $1.1M for there 40x100 capes. As a business owner, and resident, in the immediate area I welcome the development of that dump!