Monday, May 18, 2015

Settling warrants by dismissing them

From the Daily News:

The de Blasio administration may give amnesty to some of the 1.2 million New Yorkers with outstanding arrest warrants for low-level offenses like drinking in public or disorderly conduct, a report said Sunday.

Under a plan being discussed, those with unresolved warrants would first receive a notification to let them know that they could be arrested. If they come forward, the cases could be tossed, NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton said.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely ridiculous. It's not enough that people are getting mugged in Central Park and on the subways again...I guess we're not returning to the 70s fast enough for this administration.

Anonymous said...

Why not post a photo, name, aliases, and addresses on web site and have a bounty on each of them?

Drop them off at your local precinct and collect $1000.

Anonymous said...

Democrats have never seen a crime they don't think was caused by poverty, inequality, or racism. Why don't we throw money at that and let these poor people (perps) go about their business?

NYC will be turning into Baltimore.

Very good article on how NYC stays above the liberal disaster of cities like Baltimore, Chicago and Detroit. For now....

Anonymous said...

Most the people getting busted for pissing, drunk in public are illegals who give fake names. The cops are told not to verify due to some discrimination and scantuary laws)
Good luck getting Pedro to show up or pay his fine.
The Mayor and police commissioners are two of the biggest bumbling bafoons the city has ever had!!

Anonymous said...

as a police officer who thinks this mayor is ruining the city i actually kinda think this is a good idea. people pop with warrants dating back over 20 years for stupid shit like hopping a turnstile or drinking in public. if a guy gets stopped in staten island and has an open warrant in the bronx he now has to be taken to the bronx to answer his 20+ year old warrant. The man hours for this one warrant can lead to over $1,000's in costs for a one dollar fare from 1993 (no clue what the subway was back then).
I am all for job security but i see this happen all the time and it is a huuuuuge was of resources.
I just don't think de Blasio is doing it for the reasons i stated above.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the officer above. A ton of police time and taxpayer money is thrown at these often stupid warrants. We'd all be better served if they went after real crooks.

r185 said...

Agree with the officer. Tremendous waste of time and money - and for what?!