Thursday, May 7, 2015

Abandoned house blighting the neighborhood

From the Queens Chronicle:

Howard Beach resident Isaac Maya has had to look at the abandoned, dilapidated house next to his just sit there for more than five years.

“It’s just getting worse and worse,” Maya said. “I don’t see anything going on there.”

A for-sale sign is up in front of the house, located at 164-29 92 St., but according to Maya, nobody but possums and a few trespassers have entered the property in years.

“Who knows what the heck is going on in there,” he exclaimed.

The longtime Howard Beach resident said his security cameras have captured footage of people not from the neighborhood entering the back of the property.

The interior of the house is gutted. Looking inside it, it’s hard to tell if there are stairs leading up to the second floor.

The siding is slowly peeling off the house and weeks-old newspapers are left sitting in the front of it.

A notice has been placed on the front door stating that some of the locks to the property may have been changed.

Calls to the number listed on the notice led a Queens Chronicle reporter to a Wells Fargo hotline.


Anonymous said...

The city will end up buying it and turning it into a youth hostel or mini homeless shelter .

JQ said...

That looks like Henry Hill's house.

It surely is a drug den. Kids love that molly.

Anonymous said...

If they sell me that house for cheap I'll take the risk to move into that shitty neighborhood. I'll buy me a good flood insurance and VOILA!!

Anonymous said...

Taxes are paid to date. It shows a Ralph Morea as assessed owner. Probably in foreclosure??

Anonymous said...

Shitty neighborhood,I bet you cant even afford to rent here.

Anonymous said...

Zombie House for sure...

Anonymous said...

You want to see a REAL derelict house? Go to 35-22 167th street, Flushing. (Between Crocheron and 35th) house has been disintegrating for over 10 years. The father of the family that lived across the street (at 3519) was attacked by raccoons that lived in that house. After killing the rac with his foot, the tough old SOB nailed the carcass to the door Of 35-22. He saw the owner and gave him the riot act.

That old man ( I think his name was Reilly) died a few years back and now the raccoons and rats are back across from his old house.