Wednesday, May 6, 2015

MTA wants de Blasio to pay up

From Capital New York:

In a move that surprised city officials, the chairman of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority said on Monday that the de Blasio administration should significantly increase its contributions to the agency’s $32 billion capital plan.

The request came the same morning City Hall confirmed it would meet the M.T.A.’s prior request for $657 million—and days after it began printing executive budget books with the line item. Reporters have been asking for months if Mayor Bill de Blasio would provide that funding, which increases the city’s annual contribution from $100 million to $125 million.

But in a letter to first deputy mayor Anthony Shorris, chairman Thomas Prendergast said the agency’s needs are far greater and increased his ask to $1.5 billion. He said the city should make an annual contribution of $300 million to the five-year plan, which is currently underfunded by about $14 billion. He said increased subway ridership, now at six million on busy days, makes it clear how important it is to find the funding.

“Now, at this critical juncture, is the right time for the City to acknowledge the need for significantly increased investment in the MTA, and in the City’s future,” Prendergast wrote. “We hope that you agree and that we can look forward to accelerated discussions.”

He also said the city should find additional money to help cover major projects. He suggested, as one example, that the city could contribute $1 billion toward the cost of the Second Avenue subway extension.

The requests appeared to annoy City Hall, with a spokesperson saying it was offering the highest level of “general capital support” to the agency in 15 years.

Better pay up, Bill. You don't want to deal with more subway delays while you're trying to look like an everyday New Yorker!


Anonymous said...

Yes, the city will get right to those sick 9\11 responder's with cancer too as soon as they die,Screw the MTA,\ATM 😷

Anonymous said...

He's such an out of touch moron just like the idiots that voted for him! Over development equals overcrowded subways and more delays because of idiots who hold the doors opened and wears these huge stupid bookbags as if they are freaking camping. Not to mention all the illegals who take up too much room with their baby strollers and their carts filled with churros. I say Stop the over developing, deport the illegals and then maybe the trains will be on time more!

Anonymous said...

One-term mayor.

Anonymous said...

Unlikely to be a one term mayor, since the same geniuses who voted for him in the last election are going to vote for him again and everyone else decides not to vote because "their vote doesn't count". Thus the 23% run the city at the expense of the 77%!

Anonymous said...

One term mayor?

Someone still has to beat him.

Lhota? Catsimatidis?

Fat chance.

NYC politics: to win as a Republican you have to be a 'former' Democrat.

There is no one on a white horse coming in to save us.

And let us not kid ourselves. The vast majority of NYC dwellers love him. All he does is spend, spend, spend on the welfare population, tax, tax, tax the wealthy, and he hates the cops. He is a liberal dream candidate.

Anonymous said...

No such thing as one term anymore-- once you're in, you're in for the max if you want it.

JQ said...

If Mayor Big Slow wants to truly feel like a New Yorker, or the type of New Yorker that his heart allegedly bleeds for, he should apply for affordable housing-section 8, NYCHA housing and his utopian 10 year affordable housing plan and then try to complain about the wait and the obscene ratio of applicants to available places.

The obnoxious badgering by the MTA is actually justified. The platforms are getting more grossly crowded and breakdowns have become as habitual as pissing. I am sure they pulled a bridgegate stunt when they heard the Blaz was commuting just to piss him off, which apparently is easy if anyone as seen how patronizing he is to the press (stay on topic is a common reply).

Mario's son is the actual target the mta should be gunning for. For he if had a soul he would raise taxes on the billionaires and those immigrant millionaires trying to buy green cards hoarding their money in the towers they don't live in.