Tuesday, May 5, 2015

LIC couple set free by building management

From the NY Post:

A luxury Queens building that blocked portions of palatial balconies belonging to some rent-stabilized tenants — so that high-paying, tiny-terraced residents didn’t develop a case of porch envy — has finally removed the partitions.

On April 21, the steel partitions were finally removed — but tenants had to agree to a litany of provisions, including: no drinking, not using their patios as storage space, no hanging of signs or flags, no kids without adult supervision, no barbecues and no bird feeders.

A spokesman for the city’s Department of Housing Preservation and Development said management, tenants and a window-washing company hammered out a plan that maintained the “safety of tenants without impeding window washing.”

The building started off as a failed condo project, resuscitated thanks to $7.6 million in subsidies and $28 million in construction loans from the city. In return, 108 of the units are income restricted or rent-stabilized — as low as $1,103 for a studio.


Anonymous said...

What a boring, sterile environment. No bird feeders!!! Where's the landscaping?

Anonymous said...

The building started off as a failed condo project, resuscitated thanks to $7.6 million in subsidies and $28 million in construction loans from the city.

Well that explains why our subways are messed up.

Anonymous said...

blame all our politicans for this total mess -- and I mean mess - follow the money --

Anonymous said...

This is a steel and glass penitentiary. Living in this kind of "high class" glass tower in the sky aim't exactly heave. No wonder this is a failed condo like a lot of other glitzy crap boxes.

Anonymous said...

Can we call that the 'poor porch' now? I remember this story from before. They get the bargain rate and were pissed off they weren't allowed on the terrace.

Typical hipsters. How long before they have complaints for not following the 'rules'?

I preferred the fence. They could hang their laundry on it.

Anonymous said...

I need, I need, I need!

Woe to you, NYC taxpayer!

Anonymous said...

Free at last, free at last, thank God almighty, free at last!

No alcohol? That's not going to last with these hipster idiots.

I hope no marijuana is one of the provisions. Fat chance they are able to manage that.

Welcome to the big city. Enjoy the view.

Anonymous said...

How the hell is a studio @ $1100 / month AFFORDABLE housing?

Anonymous said...

$1100 is as dirt CHEAP as it gets for anything east of the Hudson river. A run down one bedroom reeking of the landlords dog shit in Greenpoint or Polish alley in Maspeth (some real creepy run down winners their) will set you back over $2000 and you cant even park a car.

JQ said...

How is it affordable? When you the local mainstream news media print,cable and internet that's complicit with city hall, city council and the Rebny lobbyists to bastardize the terminology and deceive the public,especially those in need, and discouraging them from applying. Also to grossly inflate the bogus value of the apartments and properties.

This couple is smug but they were right and might set a good precedent for future battles with affordable housing. If only NYCHA buildings responded like this.

Anonymous said...

"i already got an apartment in a new building for way less than other people have to pay, and we deserve more of what we didn't pay for!"

One handout isnt good enough. Its gotta always be more.

Anonymous said...

"Ok, we'll let you go on the roof, but don't you let us catch you having fun up there!"