Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Unlicensed drivers may soon face criminal charges

From the Times Ledger:

A rash of pedestrians fatally struck by unlicensed drivers has prompted the Queens leadership to ban together to pass legislation that would make such an act a felony and result in two to four years of jail time.

An Elmhurst woman was the latest victim, run down by a white Mitsubishi box truck allegedly operated by an unlicensed driver, while she was walking in the intersection of Woodside Avenue and 76th Street, police said.

“Unfortunately, the law in New York has not caught up with the facts of these situations,” said state Sen. Michael Gianaris (D-Astoria), who has written the bill. “Someone who kills someone when driving without a license... the most severe charge they can get is a violation, which is like getting a parking ticket.”

Outraged by the frequency of these types of incidents and the penalties offenders receive, several officials and advocates for safer streets rallied behind Gianaris’ legislative push at a news conference Tuesday in Woodside.

“It’s time that we say give us the keys to your car,” said state Sen. Toby Ann Stavisky (D-Flushing), “If you smoke a cigarette, the chances of you getting lung cancer are increased. [It’s] the same way if you’re an unlicensed driver. You have a high risk of hitting somebody, [possibly] injuring or killing them.”

Drivers with revoked and or suspended licenses who have caused a loss of life would get more than a slap on the wrist under the proposed legislation.


A Better NYC said...

It's pretty sad to think that currently it's NOT really a crime to drive without a license.

You simply pay a fine and go about your day.

Anonymous said...

2006-2008 8% of pedestrian fatalities resulted from crashes that involved an unlicensed driver. Has that changed much?

Anonymous said...

It's good to see Stavisky at a photo-up; she hasn't done one in quite some time!

Anonymous said...

The Democratic Party is doing everything it can to bring in the undocumented and to erode stable communities to fill them with people of 'needs' to use the agencies they set up for friends so its not surprising that the streets are ruled by nutcases on 2 and 4 wheels. Yes that's right, while we are at it, lets see how serious they are and go after the bikes too.

Anonymous said...

Yay! Great idea!

The roads of Queens will soon be empty!

We might actually see some drivers that understand what STOP signs and red lights mean!

Oh wait - we'd have to take all of Whitestone out of the driving pool as well!

Anonymous said...

Thar she blows!

Anonymous said...

This will hit illegal aliens the hardest so the progressives will block it from becoming law. Pressure will come from ethnic activist orgs to not pass such a law

Anonymous said...

$10 says the unlicensed are also undocumented witch means Never Mind.

Anonymous said...

but if you are also an illegal immigrant, no worries!

Middle Villager said...

Just wondering how many of the unlicensed drivers are unlicensed because they are illegals. They also drive with no insurance. When they get pulled over with no license I guess they get deported... Oh wait, what was I thinking, this is NYC.

Anonymous said...

If driving w/o a license becomes a crime, we'll have to give licenses to illegal immigrants. That will be the next step. Because we're a sanctuary city! Lucky us!

Anonymous said...

Am I to believe that you can kill someone with your car in NYC and get a mere slap on the wrist? Wow.

Anonymous said...

"Oh wait, what was I thinking, this is NYC."

"... this is the USA under Barry". There, FIFY.

Anonymous said...

What gas been the delay. We know it's not an election year, but heck, every life matters!

Anonymous said...

It is time we said to Moby Stavisky, "Give us the keys to your Albany office. She is unfit for office. As far as unlicensed drivers are concerned, give them jail time and seize their vehicles.

Anonymous said...

Anon No. 7:

We will? Really? Have you taken a poll and found that out?

Actually, I'd say that most of us want the existing laws enforced, and everything necessary done to get unlicensed drivers out of cars (to say nothing of people who have licenses, but are terrible drivers). Sorry if that messes up your stereotype.

Anonymous said...

Yeah and the fix will be to exchange illegals banana republic licenses to valid NYC drivers licenses so they can vote too !! And you can bet the applications will be checked registered democrat by default.

And you know dam well these people (as new drivers in the high risk pool) will never afford keep up with the $3000+ a year insurance payments so when they hit you GOOD LUCK COLLECTING !!

Understand what STOP signs and red lights mean ?
Are you kidding ?
Over half these illegals the Obama administration has been dumping in NYC cant read or write in any language. Its not a requirement for a drivers license in Mexico and most Central American country's, just a simple road test and envelope with extra $$ to pass.
I'm sure Mayor DeBlasio know this however those are "his people"

Joe said...

Many times when an illegal gets caught for a traffic infraction (usually DWI)the cops impound the car and drop him (or her) at a phone booth or McDonnalds NO TICKET or arrest !!!

In Long Island democrat towns like Greenport, East Hamppton, the cops are ordered to leave the car roadside and drive the "poor impoverished" drunk Illegals HOME or back to the farm & church housing !!
This is because the cost of jailing them can become astronomical. Most have no money to bail out or pay fines, horrible health & hygiene in urgent need of medical attention (TB, lice, scabies dental abcess )the township jails MUST pay doctors for.
Locking up a drunk Mexican can end up costing a township $100,000 a week if medical condition is involved. In Greenport Illegals have been breaking windows, pissing on cops legs, attacking police cars because THEY WANT to get arrested, fed and "taken care of" and a free plane ticket home

Not ONE of federal government agency's will pick them or re-reimburse the townships unless the illegal is detained for murder or kidnapping
I'm not making this shit up, all News 12, Newsday, CBS banned the storys (because the local cop often use the words "illegal and immigrant" in the same sentence but the thread on a private web-sight remains here.

Anonymous said...

More laws with no cops to enforce them. Wherevdid the money that was paying for the 5000 cops and 400 civilians that no longer exist in the pd??