Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Parks destroys 100 year old Astoria tree

From CBS 2:

People in the neighborhood said the Parks Department told them the old tree was rotted and hollow inside. But when they cut it down, it was not hollow at all.

“You didn’t have to be an expert to see, it’s a healthy; a very healthy tree,” said Anna Jutis.
Jutis has admired the tree for the 45 years she has lived in the area. Now, she and others are mourning its loss.

Patterson said she was assured multiple times by city officials that the tree would be safe.
“Their exact words were, ‘It will never be cut down, because it’s a landmark,’” she said.
But now, they are left with a stump, and pieces of the tree as souvenirs.


Anonymous said...

Someone made $$$ for that " mistake".

Anonymous said...

In my neighborhood there are a number of trees that need to be taken down.

The ones I'm talking about are very obviously unhealthy. Parts of the main trunks of some are visibly hollow. Large branches fall off occasionally and there is a noticeable amount of dead wood. Some of it downright dangerous.

I as well as other people in the neighborhood have called 311 to have them removed and replaced with new trees many times. It doesn't happen. The Parks Department issues a statement saying that they inspected the trees in question and they do not need to be removed. This has happened repeatedly.

Maybe it's because this neighborhood isn't in the crosshairs of overdevelopment - yet.

I swear this city is now ANTI-quality of life.

Anonymous said...

The way it is seen...trees are a nuisance. Building more and more is desired because it means money for the builders. If trees were money trees they would not be cut down.

Anonymous said...

Was it in front of a business? Business owners lie and kill tees so that their signs are not obstructed.

NYC sucks!

Anonymously Grey Gardens said...

For years, I've petitioned my neighbors in Ozone Park to fill out a simple form that would allow the Parks Department to plant trees in front of their respective houses that were lost because of hurricane damage or disease. These are mostly immigrants who are too lazy to sweep in front of their own homes, let alone clean dead leaves from trees that would provide beauty and shade. So, for the last ten years my block looks like an urban blight---devoid of all foliage, because complicit immigrants like a barren, Third World look for their single family residences (that now accommodate illegal conversions that cause an overload on resources, and where no additional taxes are paid and recorded for these rampant, unlawful conversions). Your're so right, Anonymous, NYC sucks like never before, because it's now exclusively a borough of low IQ (and community devoid), immigrants whose only concern is making a living in low wage jobs that indenture them for life, with deeper levels of adversity, beggary and obscurity, and where they continue to illegally convert their single family homes to accommodate more illegal rentals. A vicious cycle that is blighting Queens like nothing else. Unbelievably sad but true!

Anonymous said...

Well said Richard.

Anonymous said...

These parkie dumbasses killed a perfectly good tree. As all the hack politicos like to claim how "green" they are.

Anonymous said...

It's not parkies that cut down the trees - it's outsourced to those guys with orange trucks - think the company has an Indian name.

They don't give a shit about anything - they get paid by the tree! They massacred the trees at Bowne Park last year!

NYC sucks!

Mitchell said...

Take a look at Queens Blvd through Forest Hills....It should be tree lined and have trees soaring into the skies along that section of the Blvd, deserving of the name "Forest" Hills....