Saturday, March 14, 2015

Burst pipes send Atlas stores packing

From the Queens Courier:

Two separate pipe bursts in The Shops at Atlas Park last month damaged five stores in the shopping center — and the future of some of those affected businesses is still unclear.

“There were two separate pipe bursts, one in Gymboree and one in Shiro of Japan, about 12 hours apart from each other,” said Peter DeLucia, a representative from The Shops at Atlas Park. “Some stores have since opened and some are still fixing up.”

The pipe that burst on Feb. 16 at Shiro of Japan damaged that store, along with Maidenform, J. Jill and Chico’s. Since the burst, Shiro and Maidenform have reopened, but the same could not be said for J. Jill and Chico’s.

According to DeLucia, both J. Jill and Chico’s are closed until further notice, and he said that he could not comment on whether they will re-open at this point.

But a source familiar with the situation claimed that those stores would not re-open. The stores have been cleared out and both store’s signs have been taken down.


Anonymous said...

Atlas Park should be condemned. First a marketing disaster and now this. Who would want to do business there? The former Borders Books space has been empty for nearly 4 years. That says a lot about this mall's track record.

Anonymous said...

That place was built with substandard material sand below building codes. I'm amazed this isn't happening more frequently. When Dimwit Hemmerdinger could cut a corner in building it he slashed it.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful! Cheap on the heat during the cold spell, or poor plumbing planning. Damn , let it all fall down. Open up a new cemetery. Build burial condos.

JQ said...

That part of town used to be so quaint a few decades ago,stretching from north forest park to rego park on the metropolitan and cooper avenues.

Then the malls and the megastores came.

I may be wrong but I think it started with Atlas. Some dipshit's idea to have a high end type mall resembling the ones in the Hamptons. When I first went there it was to see a movie and the theaters just stank like every other mutliplex with the chemical butter stench (is that theater still there?) To this day, I am still baffled at why they would want to build a mall in a pit and could it look less stable than the model they probably showed the council.

The placed should be razed, but it will probably implode on it's own or get leveled by the next category 5 hurricane.

Middle Villager said...

When this "high-end" mall was built (against community wishes) the father of the builder rerouted 2 bus lines to service it (against community wishes). The "high- end" failed and the mall was a ghost town. Now the community is stuck in traffic every morning and afternoon with the added bus lines that carry next to no one. With the addition of the proposed homeless shelter a block away (against community wishes) the mall will now be filled with 99¢ stores and take out restaurants. This is what our politicians call city planning. The only ones that got what they wanted were the people with the political connections. Do you think someone got paid off? Welcome to Queens politics.

Anonymous said...

Maybe they could put some housing in there for Yeshiva students.