Thursday, March 19, 2015

Construction fence kills pedestrian at former St. Vincent's site

From the NY Post:

A real estate agent was killed in a freak accident as she was walking down a Manhattan street — when a gust of wind dislodged a piece of plywood at a nearby construction site and it struck her, authorities said.

The construction site is the former home of the now-shuttered St. Vincent’s Hospital, which is in the process of being converted into a luxury condominium complex called The Greenwich Lane.

The Department of Building issued a stop work order for the site following the accident. The site has racked up several complaints complaints and currently has 11 open violations.


JQ said...

Irony abounds in this tragedy. Real estate agent,former hospital.

Also injustice and enabling negligence by the DOB yet again. This corporation Turner construction has only been fined just a 1,000 dollars for 11 priors since their gutting of St. Vincent's.

This woman was sacrificed for the needs of the financially obese. The future phantom tenants to store their piles of traded and invested money so they can make even more once 421a is renewed.

Hopefully, now that someone of stature got senselessly killed instead of some crusty homeless person, Turner and the rest of these fountainheads will be stopped from going another millimeter higher and the Blaz will reconsider his sneaky plan for rezoning supposed affordable and luxury housing.

Anonymous said...

Shoddy barriers are no match for fierce March winds. Stay away from tall buildings an any other hazard. Yea, let's of luck in high rise NYC.

Anonymous said...

This construction site used to heal people, now it killed a person.

Anonymous said...


Very sad.

Maybe they can include affordable housing in her memory.

Anonymous said...

How about all that glass in all these new high rises? One day a decent sized explosion is going to blow all the glass out of every window in a five-ten block radius in Manhattan. When that happens, more people will be killed by being sliced up by the glass than will die from the initial explosion. Midtown Manhattan is a high rise disaster waiting to happen.

Anonymous said...

My condolences to her family and loved ones. God Rest Her Soul. How could any politician let that hospital close?

Anonymous said...

Poetic justice...that a realtor got hit? And there is no close hospital they could have rushed that realtor to.