Thursday, March 12, 2015

Jamaica to get new park

From the Queens Courier:

After a long wait, new parks and increased access to the Jamaica train hub from the Van Wyck Expressway are set to arrive soon in Jamaica.

The Atlantic Avenue Extension project is set to break ground this summer and will create three new park areas (Gateway Park) totaling 0.86 acres, according to the city Economic Development Corporation (EDC), the agency in charge of the project. Work is estimated to cost about $21 million, all of which has already been fully funded.

The extension will connect Atlantic Avenue to 95th Avenue near the Van Wyck Expressway, changing the now-two-way street to a northeast-bound one-way street. It will also do the same for 94th Avenue, which will now solely be southwest-bound. The parks are being built because of the extra space that this construction will create.

The extension, which will cut through both avenues in a roundabout fashion, is designed to create an east-west street network that serves downtown Jamaica and to alleviate the traffic congestion that regularly occurs as drivers try to make their way to and from the Van Wyck and Jamaica LIRR station.


Anonymous said...

Better patroll it good. With all those "bros" it will quickly become a high crime spot.

Anonymous said...

Darn. I was hoping for a homeless shelter.

Anonymous said...

Wow, a whole entire 0.86 acres! Do the math folks-- that's less than 200' x 200'. Woo-pee!

Anonymous said...

That's $561.50 per square foot. Such a deal!

Anonymous said...

Hey, at least it's going to look better then it does now. That area is an eyesore, so any positive change is welcome. The ball is finally starting to roll for the revitalization of downtown Jamaica.

Anonymous said...

The ball is finally starting to roll for the revitalization of downtown Jamaica.

Too bad Joe Moretti didn't hang on a little longer to enjoy this "park".