Monday, March 30, 2015

Boats sinking in Hawtree Creek

From the Queens Chronicle:

No chance to look off the port bow for two Howard Beach boats, because they’re slowly sinking into Hawtree Creek.

The 50- and 30-foot boats, both belonging to a Bayview Avenue resident, have slowly been listing into the creek after they lost their sea legs about a week ago. Although still tied to the dock, both are just about halfway underwater.

Both were leaking oil and fuel into the creek, which leads into Jamaica Bay, over the weekend until authorities pumped the fluids out of them, according to members of the Howard Beach Motor Boat Club, located a few yards away from the wreckage.

“But that was after a day of leakage that went unmitigated,” said Mike Raffo, a member of the boat club and a lifelong resident of Howard Beach. “Now there’s a whole canal full of gasoline.”

Oil slicks were visible on the water Tuesday afternoon.

Dan Mundy Jr., a member of the Jamaica Bay Ecowatchers, said the fluids in the water present an environmental hazard that should be addressed immediately.

“If you have oil in the boat, you have contaminated water and you need to get the Department of Environmental Conservation out there,” he said.


Anonymous said...

This is Howard Beach. The mob will take care of things. Has anyone examined these boats for bodies?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, maybe they'll find Jimmy Hoffa's body there.

Anonymous said...

This is NYCDEP responsibility to remove. Good luck with that.

Jackson Heights Johnny said...

The article states that both boats belong to a Bayview Avenue resident. Who is this person? Why is he/she not responsible for this cleanup?

Neighborhood residents: do your homework; send the bill to somebody!