Tuesday, March 31, 2015

You might as well bribe

From the Daily News:

Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. on Sunday slammed toothless laws that make it tough for state prosecutors to go after corrupt New York politicians.

They are “out of touch with the reality” compared with other states that make it easier to go after crooked officials, he said on John Catsimatidis’ radio show on AM 970.

“It’s more difficult in New York State to prosecute a politician or the briber for bribery than it is to prosecute a sports promoter for bribery,” he said. “We sort of have a carveout in New York State for political bribery, which makes it, I think, simply out of touch with the reality of statutes around the country.”

I'm sure the lawmakers will get right on correcting this.


Anonymous said...

Well, who will change the law? Surely not the politicians that it is protecting! Albany pol's have gotten a free ride for well over a century. When a shady NYC council member gets term limited out, he or she runs up to the Albany hills. What a great hideout...far from the watchful eyes of NYC.
How much Ill gotten loot has the Stavisky dynasty salted away upstate? They were known to have the largest war chest around until John Liu topped them. Open up the fire hoses and wash out the crooks.

Anonymous said...

This is why it is the Feds that prosecute NY pols under federal laws, not local District Attorneys.

From Honest Joe Crowley said...

Speaking of bribes, try not to read this and gag - its from the fellow that is behind a lot of our misery in Queens: "Honest Joe" Crowley:

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Anonymous said...

Crooked politicians are protected by crooked Judges who use crooked laywers who use crooked police departments to enforce crooked laws ment to fleese you of your assets
Its not Rocket science to see how it all works.

Anonymously Grey Gardens said...

Unbelievably sad, but true. Albany is a behemoth of a raw sewage plant that keeps poisoning the waters statewide, as the Assembly, Legislature, Speaker and Governor drink from purified wells of endless corruption and graft. The only way to end this insidious cycle of epic fail is to systematically remove these pay-for-play empowered idiots from the very breeding point of corruption. Anything less will create a more entrenched pool of corruption throughout the system---straight down to the very bottom rung of dishonesty and dysfunction.

Anonymous said...

Moby Stavisky is part of that war sewage, Richard. Never catch yourself downwind from her.