Friday, March 20, 2015

A long way up to tag!

From A Walk in the Park:

Five knuckle-headed teens were busted hanging out and doing graffiti 226 feet in the air on the observation deck of the Worlds Fair's iconic Astro Towers NYC Park Advocates had learned.

Two girls and three boys broke into the towers and made their way to the very top, spray painting tags along the way.

Two eagle-eyed park cops on patrol in Flushing Meadows Corona Park spotted several figures from about a half mile away walking around the rusted flying saucer-like structures at approximately at 3:30pm on Sunday.

Officers had to use a make-shift ladder made of electrical cords in order to reach the highest peak of observation deck to reach the teens.


Anonymous said...

Five guesses on what "vibrant and diverse"community these kids come from.

Anonymous said...

ride the 7 train and view all of the private homes that have had their roof graffiti'd. it's not just public structures that are getting tagged

Anonymous said...

We did a lot worse in the 80s.

Better than sitting on social media.

Anonymous said...

Urban explorers!

Is it on youtube yet?

Anonymous said...

"Illegals" no doubt. Keep taking them in and it will only get worse.

Urban crap and urban losers.

Anonymous said...

Did they run into McCloud?

How about the MIB?

Iconic Queens landmark. Sad to see what it looks like close up on the link in the story.

Gary the Agnostic said...

And if the police officers who went up after them were injured or worse going after these idiots? Throw the book at them.

Anonymous said...

Why didn't they just wait until the teens came down instead of endangering themselves by using makeshift ladders?

Anonymous said...

See the crock of shit CBS wrote spinning these vandals with bolt cutters as innocent nice immigrant "alter boys"
Un-friggan real very disturbing corrupt journalism !!
BTW "Astro Towers" ? Who the F_ researched this story yahoos from Ohio ?

Anonymous said...

Go after the taggers and not the muggers, robbers and rapists that frequent the park. Drug dealing is OK there too, if the cops get a piece of the action. I wish somebody would tag Theater in The Park with the words, "BOONDOGGLE"!