Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Illegal curb cuts need to be curbed

From DNA Info:

A Queens neighborhood is the king of illegal curb cut complaints.

South Richmond Hill logged more than 200 complaints of illegal curb cuts or driveways, double the amount from last year, and far higher than any other neighborhood in New York, according to an analysis of 311 data.

Illegal curb cuts often arise in neighborhoods far from Manhattan where many homeowners have cars. Rather than trying to find street parking every day, some residents opt to cut the curb, remove lawns and create their own driveway — without getting permission from the city.

Brooklyn residents recorded the highest number of complaints this year, with 822 — nearly 10 percent of them logged in Bath Beach and Bensonhurst. Queens, which has about 300,000 fewer residents than Brooklyn, came in as a close second citywide, with 760 complaints.


Anonymous said...

Many, many years ago, a TV reporter (I think it was CBS John Stossel) had a report showing illegal curb cuts in Brooklyn streets, but no follow up. So this is not a new problem.

JQ said...

The majority of residents of S Richmond are the most reckless drivers in the borough. And their parking habits are even worse, always jumping curbs and hitting poles.

Of course they try to "improve" their dilemnas by cementing over their lawns and building a driveway which they don't even go all the way into, leaving their cars sticking out on the sidewalk path.

I remember John Stossel too:

A Better NYC said...

Just to be clear, I'd say 99% of South Richmond Hill residents are third world, low class, ghetto superstars that have very successfully destroyed their own neighborhood by cutting curbs.

Joe Moretti said...

Again, this and so many other quality of life issues are not new and we hear this over and over for years, yet no one does a damn thing about it. And this is why it is so frustrating to even bother reporting anything because time and time again nothing is done because of a lack of leaders with balls.

And the comment about "ghetto superstars" and low-class third world folks are the biggest culprits of such shit in NYC, that is why so many once nice neighborhoods are CRAP. Looks at all the shit communities and who inhabits them and then remember what these communities were like before being invaded by bottom feeders.

Before anyone screams racism, if I was living in West Virginia, I would say the culprits would be poor white trash, but in NYC there are little of poor white trash........WHY, because even these ignorant low life folks would not live in NYC because they cannot afford it, unlike the third world crap and ghetto folks who just do not get that concept.

Anonymous said...

As long as there's a concrete pad on the property with room enough for a car/truck to not extend into the street, the problem persists.

What the city should do for violators is to install a bollard.

Anonymous said...

If the neighborhoods were not over development and the houses were not illegally converted, there would be half as many card and plenty of street parking!

Anonymous said...

I like that anon. Instead of just issuing a small fine the city should rebuild the curb, install a bollard, and add the cost to the property tax bill.