Monday, March 23, 2015

de Blasio is no progressive

From the Daily News:

The Campaign for One New York buys television advertisements; coordinates grassroots organizing campaigns; and employs and coordinates with allies of the mayor, including former staffers.

In short, it works as a campaign apparatus in years when there’s no election.

The Supreme Court’s 2010 Citizens United ruling blew the doors off all previous attempts to limit outside money in government — and made hefty political spending by outside groups inevitable.

But it’s no small irony that the man putting the nail in the coffin of the city’s campaign finance caps is Big Bill, progressive friend of the little man.


Anonymous said...

Deblasio is a piece of trash but you guys voted him into office. enjoy your piece of garbage!!

Anonymous said...

Is John Choe's "One Flushing" the local chapter of the bigger boondoggle of "One City"?

Anonymous said...

Do as I say, not what I do. That's DeBozo's Tale of Two Cities for you.

Anonymous said...

Bill de Blasio isn't even Bill de Blasio... it's a level of phony-ism even Salinger couldn't have imagined.

JQ said...

All those in power and lusting for it have only enjoyed the spoils of the Citizens United decision.

Mayor Big Slow knows this also. As other false progressives like him because they assume that all that untraceable dirty money will benefit the policies to help the middle and lower classes.

There are no good guys anymore or sense of morality because of this.

Anonymous said...

He talks like Ray Romano's brother. Everybody might love Raymond, but most voters have already turned on Wilhelm De Blasio. He lied to his voting base and they will repay him next time around. And take down that ugly fence your dopey wife (no doubt) suggested you have erected around Gracie Mansion. Is it for safety, modesty or to hide from the public?