Saturday, March 21, 2015

Potholes a-poppin'

From the Daily News:

Spring temps have sprung — and so has the city’s annual crop of bone-jarring potholes.

New Yorkers are complaining vociferously about the car-busting craters that proliferate every winter, wrecking rims and blowing out tires.

Department of Transportation Commissioner Polly Trottenberg acknowledged repairs this year were slower than usual because of the prolonged blasts of Arctic temps.

New technology has improved the Department of Transportation’s ability to make quick-fixes to the worst potholes even in frigid temps — but serious road repairs wait until spring.

It’s not just the weather slowing things down. The city’s also hampered by a longstanding policy of laying off roughly 200 assistant highway repairers every December — and hiring them back in March when pothole season hits its peak.


Anonymous said...

The Grand Central and Van Wyck are the worst ! It's the same story every year.

Anonymous said...

And even when they fill the potholes, the roadway is uneven so it's like hitting rumble strips at 55mph.