Friday, March 13, 2015

10 month wait for DOT response

Hey Crapper,

Thought you'd get a kick out of this.

Just got a response from the DOT for my complaint about the screwed up timing of the street lights in Middle Village in May of 2014. That's right, it took only 10 months to get an answer.


- Anonymous


Anonymous said...

I received a response that took over one year concerning a learning light pole. The letter stated that it was repaired...but it wasn't. It took several calls to my CB to get it fixed. DOT is run by a bunch of liars and incompetents .

Anonymous said...

Waiting 4 years for them to convert 70 street to a one way in Maspeth---time travel will get here sooner !!!!

Anonymous said...

Now that Dahlia has been replaced with an acting Queens should only take 9 months

Anonymous said...

Took us 15 years to get a street light at an intersection serving a school and senior citizen housing complex...

Still, looks like DoT actually corrected the situation, rather than doing a study, saying no action is required, then refusing to revisit the issue for three years.

Super Resident said...

Recap your complaint by sending a certified return receipt letter to them. Then contact the inspector general's office. They are part of DOI. You will then get results. Put Greg Mocker, an on the job. He is a TV trouble shooting reporter. That worked for me. You may well ask, "I pay my taxes so why do I have to go through all this trouble and added expense?" This Is New York fucking city and only the squeaky wheel gets the oil. No gain! We get tough by working out at the gym, otherwise we are wimps.

Anonymous said...

You call 311 repeatedly. When they get to it -- they send a team to look (yes just look) at the hole in question no less than 7X. I find that unbelievable. Eventually, they throw some asphalt in the hole. Shortly thereafter, the hole appears once again -- but much bigger. You know it is dangerous. It is about to become a huge sinkhole.

It won't be until someone is hurt that something is actually done.

223rd Street between Mia Drive and 39th Avenue.

By the way, no one seems to know that Mia Drive exists or how it got that name either.