Sunday, March 1, 2015

Sunnyside Yards: Katz wants it built

From LIC Post:

Queens Borough President Melinda Katz has been a strong advocate for decking over the Sunnyside Yard for months—despite the cool reception it has received from western Queens leaders.

Katz began advocating for developing the yards in September, when she announced that they have the “potential for extraordinary development.”

Katz plays an important role in what ultimately happens to the Yards since the area would need to be rezoned before construction could begin. The community board and the borough president would get to weigh in on a rezoning—before it is shuffled along to the City Planning Commission for review and then the city council.

At the council level, Majority Leader Jimmy Van Bramer would have the ultimate say.

In September, Katz released a 138-page strategic policy statement where she said that the “partial or complete decking of the Sunnyside Rail Yards has the potential for extraordinary development.” She added that it is the largest parcel of ‘vacant’ land remaining in the city.

At the October community board meeting, Queens residents became more aware of Katz’ position when former CB2 chairman Joe Conley said that he had been in discussions with her about building over the Yards. He then called on the board to write a letter to Katz calling for a feasibility study.

While many members of the board were caught off guard by Conley’s request, they were eventually swayed by him and voted in favor of sending Katz the letter.

Conley was then subject to heavy criticism for requesting the letter.


Anonymous said...

I still cannot figure out her thought process. From her stupid Queens motto, to her good for families mantra , to her 155 different languages spoken nonsense, she just does not get it. She just does not think straight and often appears to be immature and perceives the Folks as dumb, just pawns in her world of greed and corruption.

Anonymous said...

Funny how she thinks what's good for our families is good for Queens. What does she know about families when she had both of her children in an unconventional and questionable way and just recently split with her kid's "father" Mr Sliwa? This does not exemplify good family values. That's a lot of crap! I feel sorry for her kids. And would someone please tell her to stop speaking down to her constituents !

Anonymous said...

Anon 1,perseives the folks as dumb?

Dr. Hermann von Kreutsch said...

Frau Katz, please call for an appointment. I can squeeze you in for an hour early Monday morning.

Anonymous said...

Only 4 comments on this? Where is everybody?

Anonymous said...

I didn't know she unseated our Queen - Liz Crowely ~~~~

Anonymous said...

Katz is also for the legalization of basement apartments. If she opened her legs for Curtis Sliwa's test tube donation, she's propped open wider for developers' campaign contributions. Alley Katz was always a developers's courtesan from the get go. I am being polite here, now. I could have said whore, slut, or strum pet.

Broadway Baby said...

At least she was vivaciously awake when she attended our last BFHA civic meeting last Thursday. Helen Marshal would have nodded off. When Katz was questioned by a homeowner about her pro basement apartment stance she tried to foil him by noting that it would be only legalized in certain zones. Which zones? Aye, there's the rub. It could be in your nabe. And those polite tea sippers in Broadway Flushing just swallowed her lies. Then there was Paul Vallone, who would never miss an opportunity for a photo op. He was stroking his bald pate while speaking to a few ladies afterwards. How Freudian.

Anonymous said...

Paul there is a real dick head. Gotta hand it to the mohel who expertly removed his cranial foreskin. If he could only find a condom big enough to cover his big head.