Sunday, January 22, 2012

Property taxes increased again

From the NY Post:

Here we go again! Big Apple property owners will be hit with higher tax bills on July 1, after the city raised the assessment rolls yesterday.

In what is almost an annual event, the Finance Department reported that the total market value for property — from one-family homes to office towers — rose an average 3.8 percent to $845.4 billion.

But the bad news is that rising property values means higher tax bills.

Even though tax rates haven’t changed, a single-family homeowner will have to cough up another 2.9 percent in property taxes, bringing the average bill to $4,084.

For co-op owners, the average bill will increase 4.8 percent to $5,840.

Tax bills to condo owners will inch up 1.9 percent to an average of $7,289.

But some property owners will see their bills skyrocket far beyond the average hikes because city assessors determined that changes ranging from renovations to rising rents affected the property value.


Anonymous said...

Fuck us all with a stick NYC.

Anonymous said...

vote for another rino mayor and a majority 49 progressive/democrat city council members. you have a great choice , LIU, Thompson, DiBlasio and Quinn. all owned by the tax stealing union elite.

taxing and spending is in our future.

they have to pay for all the illegal alien votes cast in the next election for the n.y.c. gangster government.

Anonymous said...

The residential RE taxes are still reasonable in NYC. I guess I'll stay here in Queens. People don't realize that the really high taxes are on commercial property. I manage a small (50x150) piece of retail property in Jamaica with 3 stores on it and the annual RE taxes are about $120,000. Now that's scary...

I wish the politicians would be a little more careful how they spend that money but that's another story.

Anonymous said...

There goes the neighborhood...

Jerry Rotondi, residential property owner said...

No shit Sherlock!

Maybe part of the problem is that every time a new "church" opens up in Flushing, a property (or two) goes off the tax roles.

So I have to make up for the loss with an increase in my taxes.

How many "religious" tax exempt institutions are there in Flushing
to date?

Let's all do the math together.

Anonymous said...

your Real Estate taxes are paying the outrageous per pupil nyc public school cost of $20,000.each and $65,000 to $98,000 for one Special Education pupil ,for one year.

the total NYC Dept. of Education budget for 2012 is $21 BILLION .

vote against the taxers and spenders.....

Jerry Rotondi, residential property owner said...

But a lot of Republicans,
like yourself (I suspect), support first SPENDING our money and then TAXING us afterward.

Tax & spend or spend & tax:
What's the difference if the process runs in reverse?

We still get the bill
in the mail to pay--don't we?

I'm neither Democrat nor Republican--but an Independent voter!

Both political parties' extremists have done plenty to screw up our nation.

I vote for the best qualified candidate in the running!

Jerry Rotondi, residential property owner said...

To tax your gray cells a bit further---I'm going to clarify my previous statement.

If your accusation is that the Democrats are the "tax and spend" party---then I wish to point out that the Republicans are have been the "borrow and spend" party.

It's the "R" administration that's been borrowing most heavily from China over the years---thereby putting our nation in debt to a totalitarian foreign power.

Has our government gotten too big?

You bet it has---with that big Red Communist government influencing Congress from the far east!