Saturday, January 28, 2012

Owner wants to demolish landmarked buildings

From NY1:

The battle is raging over the landmark status of two buildings on the Upper East Side.

The buildings, both located on York Avenue between 64th and 65th streets, are part of the First Avenue Estates complex.

The owner, Stahl York Avenue, is trying to have that designation removed so they can be demolished.

The owner has filed a "hardship application" with the city's Landmarks Preservation Commission, hoping to prove the buildings don't turn enough of a profit to merit landmark status.

Longtime residents are urging the commission to deny the owner's application.


Anonymous said...

Note that they exterior of the building is completely altered - and they still want it landmarked.

Note that Queens hears this from LPC all the time as to justification as to why something cannot be landmarked.

Note that our 'friends' in preservation in Manhattan never tell us that there are different rules for different boroughs.

Note that being hermits in the outer boroughs like Four Borough Preservation 'Commission' wants us to be would ensure our isolation.

Jerry Rotondi said...

So, these buildings (of no particular architectural merit) are landmarked with ALTERATIONS and Broadway-Flushing is denied the same by the LPC.


Well, why not? Aren't these located in Manhattan?

Queens continues to be snubbed by the Betts-Tierney team!

I await the day when Emperor Bloomberg has to relinquish his crown and we New Yorkers will finally be able to breathe a sigh of relief from his despotic regime.

Anonymous said...

Tear 'em down and let its residents move to Queens!

Anonymous said...

Tear down the landmarks law and let Manhattanites find themselves in the same boat as Queens!

Waz up with "Landmarks Pest (West)"
these days?

Maybe Queens "preservationists" should take some "big-mouth" lessons from them.

Ah, forget it, go back and hide under your beds you historical societies.

If it weren't for their printed matter sales, most of these groups would find themselves out on the sidewalk.

Anonymous said...

Queens continues to be snubbed by the Betts-Tierney team!

Sure, let Queens have its own landmark commission and have Honest Joe Crowley make the choices.

Anonymous said...

This BS - if an owner want to demolish his own property especially if it has no historical significance that is visible vs history - then he/she should be able to take it down.

Anonymous said...

Post the demolishing of Penn Station, the Landmarks effort had merit. But as usual, such powers never know when to say when,

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a cloud of BS is drifting in from the western shore of our borough...from one who possibly suffers from a touch of ADD...h-m-m-m?

Anonymous said...

Better to have Joe Crowley to deal with than Mike Bloomberg and his LPC pals.

At least we know where to reach Crowley to pull out his short hairs, fella!

Anonymous said...


Then it's up to you various Queens historical societies...from Greater Astoria to Douglaston-Little ride herd on the chair and staff of this new "Queens Landmark Commission" and make sure that they're doing their jobs well!

That is,
if any of you have THE BALLS for anything else besides selling books and mounting exhibitions!