Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Apple Store may come to Forest Hills

From the Daily News:

Queens might be on the verge of getting a bite of the Apple.

A real estate developer is in preliminary talks with Apple about opening one of the brand’s iconic stores on bustling Austin St. in Forest Hills.

Heskel Group Chairman Yeheskel Elias said if a deal is reached, the sleek store could open in as little as a year.

It would be only the second Apple location in the city outside Manhattan. A Staten Island store opened in 2005.


Anonymous said...

Take that Brooklyn! Queens beat you to the Apple!

Anonymous said...

Just what Forest Hills needs - another store to cause more congestion.

Al Chapman said...

Downtown Flushing would be a better location

Anonymous said...

Actually, the end of Austin Street near Yellowstone has had an empty lot and an empty storefront for quite sometime. I think either location would be perfect for it, and would greatly help boost the foot traffice.

somn said...

Austin St has not been bustling since the late 90's

Anonymous said...

Stand on the corner of Austin and 71 Av on a Saturday afternoon and tell me that the area is not bustling,