Friday, January 20, 2012

A little asbestos never hurt anyone...

From the Forum:

Residents around an abandoned factory in Glendale say unsafe, un-permitted demolition is spilling over their fences and terrorizing them through nights, weekends and holidays.

For years, the industrial building at 70-20 67th Place sat fallow, but since November, it’s a hive of illicit construction activity, said Gary Jannazzo,who lives adjacent to the property.

Workers have already ripped off the building’s roof and are moving on to windows, all the while dumping debris straight off the roof and over fences and allowing dust, noise and particles to swirl, Jannazzo said.

On Jan. 11, Jannazzo and his next-door neighbor were at Community Board 5, making an open cry for assistance.

“We need help,” he said. “For weeks I can’t open my windows; my kids can’t play in the yard. I’m afraid that they’re going to be breathing in all this junk that they’re throwing off these buildings.”

Jannazzo works in the building industry in Manhattan,and his immediate concern was asbestoscoming out of this decade-sold building without proper abatement.

CB 5 has been aware of the building since 2003,when the board protested an application for constructionon the site, Vincent Arcuri, CB 5 chair,said. But in late November, Arcuri and the board got involved again.

CB 5 District Manager Gary Giordano and Arcuri observed workers violate a stop-work order from the Department of EnvironmentalProtection when CB 5 brought up concerns about asbestos.

When confronted by a DEP representative,workers harassed the inspector to the pointpolice had to be called and force work to stop,Arcuri said. But it didn’t last.

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Anonymous said...

My concern is what they are going to build there. Likely another set of Queens Crapitecture, like they built across the street from this place a few years ago; Multi unit buildings with inadequate off-street parking, concrete front garden, and at-grade windows into peoples bedrooms (so they can sneak a 3rd floor in), and ugly cheap materials.