Friday, January 27, 2012

Northeastern Queens races may become free-for-alls

From City and State:

Former Queens Sen. Frank Padavan is mulling a comeback in the northeast Queens district he narrowly lost to Sen. Tony Avella two years ago, sources said, but Queens Republicans are concerned the newly-redrawn district will not be favorable to a bid. Padavan’s name has risen as Republican City Councilman Dan Halloran has downplayed the idea of challenging Avella. Sources said Republicans are unlikely to do much through redistricting to make the district more conservative, and are largely focused on convincing another Republican councilman, Eric Ulrich, to run against Democratic Sen. Joe Addabbo in eastern Queens.

From City and State:

One race I’ve been following closely is the Democratic primary shaping up to take on colorful northeast Queens Councilman Dan Halloran. He may run for state Senate in 2012 against State Sen. Tony Avella if the redrawn district breaks the right way, though he’s recently thrown cold water on the idea. But assuming that Halloran isn’t a member of the state Senate by 2013, the Democratic primary to take him on could again get pretty messy, in what is a relatively conservative district by New York City standards.

In 2009, the Queens Democratic machine backed community board chair Jerry Iannece, and tried to force Paul Vallone, the brother of Councilman Peter Vallone, Jr., to drop out of the race, fearing Iannece and Vallone would split the Italian-American vote – and pave the way for a weaker general election candidate to emerge. Vallone refused to drop out, and that’s exactly what happened: Kevin Kim, a bright, young Korean-American lawyer, won the primary behind a huge turnout by Korean-American community in Flushing, but narrowly lost an extremely ethnically and religiously divisive general election contest to Halloran.

Fast forward to 2013. Kim has moved out of the district. Vallone wants to run again. Iannece is very interested. Matt Silverstein, a young state committeeman who is the former president of the New York State and Queens Young Democrats is already raising money. All of this threatens to again split the vote — and make anointing the strongest general election candidate a difficult task for the Queens Democrats.


Anonymous said...


Jerry "the bad rug" Ianneci hasn't given up his hopes yet?

That nasty self serving goombah ought to pack it in already!

Nobody wanted him (How many times is it now?) in the past.

What an ineffective loser he is!

My vote's for Paul Vallone.
He lives here and has some power to do some things.

The rest of the lot are political mouthpieces...bellowing promises but will deliver nothing!

And Padavan ain't comin' back.

Anonymous said...

Anybody's better than "doofy" Dan "hollerin'" Halloran...northeast Queens' invisible "representative"...except for Joey Franco's "White House Restaurant"!

There he's very visible!

Maybe he'll become Joey "d'or's" consiglieri after his city council term is over.

FlushingRepresenter said...

You people have to be OUT OF YOUR MINDS if you think these politicians have your best interests at hand.

"My vote's for Paul Valone".

At least we know who to blame when he Fs everything up.

Anonymous said...

Tony avella you are getting a race
your a decent guy so just get over it

you will have opposition!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Padavan would be the
Republican's best bet, since Tony has not kept promises he made when running for State Senate. Padavan will be contacted. Sorry Tony!

Anonymous said...

all of these guys are going to screw the entire area they are all setting up to sell out to the developers

mattone has his hands up jerry and matty boys ass they make good puppets with markell pulling matts strings

jerry is too close to hallorans bundler and he will back off if dan wants

dan has sold out to franco and other developers from manhattan

vallone has set up a power base but if you look carefully they are all developers


Anonymous said...

Is there a way matt silverstein can be both state senator and councilman and debra markell assemblywoman and warren schreiber congressman and toby president.

Anonymous said...

Paul Vallone won't shit where he lives.

The Vallones haven't shit in the fine part of Astoria where they've been living.

Dan Halloran has already shit all over his nabe and so have some others.

Now pack that with your fudge!

ALL pols are self serving.

The idea is to get YOUR percentage of service from them for your district!


Then go back to your tavern or poly-sci club!

Anonymous said...

How old is Frank Padavan now?

That poor man had a stroke in the recent past.

Thank God he made a good and speedy recovery.

I doubt if he's seriously contemplating running for office.

This constituent thanks him for the many years of service he's given to our community.

Anonymous said...

Of all possibilities DON'T trust the youngest guy...MATT SILVERSTEIN!

He's voraciously HUNGRY for power and most eager to climb (uh, maybe pole vault) up the ladder of political success!

Ah, yes success!

Who will he be sucking up to in order to gain that success?

Never turn your back on ANY POLITICIAN...especially on an eager beaver!

Anonymous said...

Avella...nice guy...poor track record for delivering on his promises.

I think he really believed in his promises...not like he was lying.

Unfortunately his political colleagues don't like him and are out to butt f--k him whenever possible.

With that kind of climate Tony
(I think) never got a bill passed beyond its intro.

That can't be good for any district.

Anonymous said...


Has Tony paid all his Parkside bills yet?

Toby & Son have got him by his collar.
(I'm being very polite here).

Anonymous said...

What every good pol needs is a good consultant.

Who is Avella's?

a cynic said...

I'd rather have a seasoned crook running my district than an idealistic boob.

At least the trains will run on time!

Jerry Rotondi said...

I'd throw them ALL into the arena like gladiators.

Whoever survives--BRAVO--I'll vote for him (or her).

The badly wounded survivor can become his (or her) chief of staff!

I guess that's what primaries are for.

Anonymous said...

Prayer of the Concerned and Desperate Queens Resident:

Dear God all that I ask is for fine representatives who selflessly and diligently fight for the best interest of this city and its citizens. Please guide and bestow our elected officials with great moral fortitude. Lastly, Lord I must humbly ask that you shine the Holy Spirit down upon the brightest light in NYC politics and encourage this amazingly talented shepherd to run once again for public office so that he can guide us out of these troubled waters that surround northeast queens. Lord please look after Elio Forcina and bestow upon him all the great virtues of a good and effective leader and good fortune in his coming political endeavors. For he is our shepherd and we are his sheep. Amen.

Holy Joe said...

We are Gary Ackerman's SHEEP
until he retires or gets convicted!

In the meantime...
Dear Lord...please deliver us from "Wampyres" and other unholy nocturnal creatures of Congress.