Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The not-so-big, not-so-bad GOP

From the NY Post:

So now the entire Republican caucus in New York City government could stand in the same bathtub. Their leader, Jimmy Oddo of Staten Island, sounds like one of those admirable folks you read about who are fighting a very forthright, optimistic, brave battle against an incurable disease.

“It really didn’t come as a surprise,” he said of the Koo defection. “I think from day one there were rumors about the possibility of that.”

Koo, a self-financed owner of a string of pharmacies in Flushing, was elected to the seat on the Republican ticket with just under half of the vote in 2009, but his district is five to one Democratic.

“It gets to be a lonely place sometimes,” Oddo says.

The key to survival in a climate that is approximately as welcoming to GOPers as the tiger cage is to an asthmatic Chihuahua? Keep your head down. Don’t make any sudden noises.

“We gotta deliver for our district,” Oddo reasons. “If that means ignoring some rhetoric, if that means holding back or pulling your punches, we’re in the trenches. So don’t look for the fights. There are times when dispute and debate is good and we have to stand up for matters of conviction”— and then there is most of the time.

We bemoan the “polarized” situation in Washington, but back home in one-party land we see what happens when there is no meaningful debate. Quietly, with no “partisan rancor,” the budget has doubled in a decade. Of course taxes keep marching up; unions demand it. The United Federation of Teachers is even providing office space to a Democratic campaign office at 50 Broadway. Only Republicans call for spending caution, and Democratic voters simply dismiss them for being “heartless.”


Anonymous said...

prior to G.O.P. CM KOO announcing that he was switching political parties, did not the media report that he was one of the Campaign Finance "BUNDLERS" for Comptroller John Liu ,a progressive ,leftwing, democrat ?

Anonymous said...

The Republican party is an endangered species in Queens thanks to Ragusa helping to fragment it further...and sexual perverts like Dennis P. Gallagher being one of its members.

Maybe Koo fled the GOP because Gallagher was his "adviser" and didn't want to carry that bit of baggage into the next election.

It's bad enough that CM Koo actually lives in another county.

Anonymous said...

Oddo should switch, and become an Independent. He's not a bad guy, as politicians go, but one gets tired of his "keep the faith" statements (Fosella, and now the latest:Grimm)

Anonymous said...

"Keep your head down. Don’t make any sudden noises.'

Right. Be stealthy -take that landlord and business money while screwing over your constituents.

Oh, and don't forget the flags and ceremonies.

Some of us have gotten educations, we've learned why these creeps are REALLY about. THAT is why your party is in terminal decline.

Anonymous said...

Anon #4 states of the GOP:
"Right. Be stealthy -take that landlord and business money while screwing over your constituents."
Do you really think that the Dems councilmembers don't also do it?

Anonymous said...

which local democrats are in jail ?

which local G.O.P. members are in jail ?

whose motto is "SHOW ME THE MONEY" ?

now we property tax payers have a 50 dem.AYE to 4 G.O.P. NAY for R.E.TAX INCREASESTHIS YEAR..


georgetheatheist said...

I keep reading on this blog that Koo lives in Great Neck. Where are the photos of him entering and leaving his house? The paparazzi are asleep?

Anonymous said...

Prayer of the Concerned and Desperate Queens Resident:

Dear God all that I ask is for fine representatives who selflessly and diligently fight for the best interest of this city and its citizens. Please guide and bestow our elected officials with great moral fortitude. Lastly, Lord I must humbly ask that you shine the Holy Spirit down upon the brightest light in NYC politics and encourage this amazingly talented shepherd to run once again for public office so that he can guide us out of these troubled waters that surround northeast queens. Lord please look after Elio Forcina and bestow upon him all the great virtues of a good and effective leader and good fortune in his coming political endeavors. For he is our shepherd and we are his sheep. Amen.

SalBPoliticalinsider@gmail.com said...

these forcina supporters are always hijacking this blog. idiots.

Anonymous said...

The republicans do not win seats here in NYC because the national party is so far over to the right they cannot get elected. Its the reason local Democrats cannot get elected in the south..

Anonymous said...

Oh god. How do we extinguish this fire before it spreads?!

SalBPoliticalinsider@gmail.com said...

what fire? please elaborate....

Anonymous said...

RE# 10....

In N.Y.C.,registered democrats outnumber registered G.O.P./Conservatives 5 to 1 . and the uniformed /public union's dues own the dem. politicians, who control salaries and benefits increases.and citizen tax inceases( ie. property tax ).

national voting patterns are moot.it is all about the nyc taxpayers revenues being stolen by the nyc gangster government. WELCOME TO LEFT-WING DICTATORSHIP

Anonymous said...

avella is getting a race lol

toby needs those funds but oops someone will be stepping up in north queens