Sunday, January 22, 2012

Avella OK with College Point spa

From the Times Ledger:

The man who wants to open a new spa in the College Point Corporate Park got the backing of state Sen. Tony Avella (D-Bayside) last week, and the lawmaker questioned why the proposal was ever denied by both Community Board 7 and the borough president in the first place.

“I thought it was a good idea to begin with, and now having met with you and seeing the plans I still think it’s a good idea,” Avella said, speaking at a sit-down with property owner Kwang Nam Park and representatives from the Korean community. “I do not agree with the community board’s report nor do I agree with the borough president’s report.”

The meeting took place last Thursday at 131-23 31st Ave., currently a two-story warehouse and office space the owner would like to see turned into New York Spa of College Point.

Last month, Borough President Helen Marshall also recommended that the application should be denied, citing parking issues.

But Avella said recommending to deny the spa’s application after approving another gigantic development nearby makes no sense.

In 2009, the borough president and community board voted to approve plans for a $1 billion NYPD cadet training facility, which will sit on 35 acres of land and house 2,000 parking spaces when complete.

“I don’t see how the borough president could approve something like that and not approve a small business like you,” he said to the group. “I think BSA will approve this.”


Anonymous said...

Here we go, more ignorant posts about prostitution and happy endings from people who don't know what they are talking about. The happy ending places are not applying for applications for large spaces. They operate more under the radar in small business places.
Of course the xenophobia posters on this blog doesn't distinguish between a legitimate spa and a non legitimate one.

Queens Crapper said...

First you comment stupidly on the LIC strip club post, now here. No one else has commented yet on this, so WTF you talking about? I didn't even put commentary in the post. I don't understand Avella'.s logic, that the big bad police academy project was approved, so this one should be. If parking was inadequate there, then I would think it would be even more important that it get be adequate here. Sorry this fact also went over your head.

Anonymous said...

Who cares what Phony Tony thinks. The Sate Senate is not part of the ULURP process. Stick to STATE issues, asshole.

Anonymous said...

As City Councilman, Avella was opposed to all these spas.

Anonymous said...

Yo!...."phony" Tony....
the corporate park was set up for businesses not spas, churches, etc.

What are you and Moby Ann getting in campaign contributions from Kwang Nam Park?

Anonymous said...

Lets watch Avella's war chest to see how much $$$ he gets from these Koreans.

Anonymous said...

Hey phony, put the spa in your neighborhood.

A Korean spa in College Point is OK with this ass, but an Italian restaurant expansion in his neighborhood, he's against.

Anonymous said...

The catering hall is not in Avellas neighborhood, he lives on the other side of town. Either way, both are wrong for their respective areas.

Anonymous said...

"No one else has commented yet on this, so WTF you talking about? "

Any regular reader of this blog knows what comments to expect. They get to be pretty predictable and repetitious after a while.

The proposed spa will have to come up with its own solution for parking, or it will ultimately fail if people cannot conveniently get there.

Queens Crapper said...

Looks like your prediction was false.

Anonymous said...

"A Korean spa in College Point is OK with this ass"

Wasn't Avella opposed to the Inspa facility in College Point?

This proposed site is not close to residential homes so really, what's the problem.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm... is Avella's senate district lines moving into flushing? or even out of college point and that's why he no longer has to care. Avella seems to know something the voting public does not so far!

Anonymous said...

the College Pt. Blvd. district will be avella's responsibility, when he wins the next Mayoralty position.

is it not obvious, with all the P.R.PHOTO OPS.?

Anonymous said...

Tony was under Moby's skirt from the get-go...doing whatever he has to do to retain some sort of political job.

What else is he suited for?

And he'll miss all the press conferences he's always holding (mostly out of his district) if he leaves the political arena!

I wonder...does he run 2nd to John Liu as the king of photo ops?

"Phony" Avella...
big thunder, little rain!

Anonymous said...

Does Avella still have that illegal pool in his backyard?

Are his Parkside bills paid up?

Or do they get wiped clean for supporting this with Parkside's mom Toby Ann?

"Phony Avella" and "Tubby" Stavisky ...quite a team!

Yeah, let's clean up Albany!

Anonymous said...

Who's Tony's "adviser" these days?

Anonymous said...

Avella, a sold out performance!

Anonymous said...

"Phony" Tony started his career in the Community Assistance Unit.

Has he ever successfully assisted anyone?

Anonymous said...

Avella's gone green!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Tony for allowing College Point to be turned into another shit hole like Flushing. How much of a bribe did you take? What a creep!

Anonymous said...

From his toxic ball fields to supporting this spa.

Quite a record for screwing College point!

Funny...when they wanted to build a Korean warehouse depot center in CP Avella opposed it.

Now he's buddy-buddy with Korean campaign contributions.

If anyone takes some time to pull Avella's'll soon discover that this anti over-development candidate took
plenty of money from developers.

Tony's halo is getting tarnished.

Anonymous said...

When is Tony's next press conference?

What number are we up to now anyway?

He's just following his Stavisky handler's playbook with the photo ops.

Anonymous said...

We used to have a real state senator.

Now we have one who thinks he's still in the city council attending to municipal matters.

What's a boy to do with Toby Ann being the cock of the roost up in Albany but find a nice seat to warm?

Anonymous said...

What's all this Avella bashing about?

Could this uninformed venomous spewing be originating from Joan Vought and her Padavan malcontents?

And those critics who think that Tony shouldn't be concerned with NYC matters and concentrate on state ones...HE'S ON THE CITIES dummies!

How NYC spends its money and does things downstate IS HIS BUSINESS!

Anonymous said...

College Point Corporate Park is already a mish-mosh of non-compliance!

CB# 7 allowed it to become one.

It's zoning chair Chuck Apelian just sits there with his thumb up his "Artie".

What's the difference if another "business" corporation digs in there?

It doesn't abut a residence like massagee, massagee, massagee Castle Spa does.

And there is already a HUGE Korean "church" that illegally occupies space intended for business right behind the Deptartment of Motor Vehicles!

Did CB# 7 put its foot down on this?


They don't want to offend the political campaign contributing Asiatics!

Anonymous said...

Hey phony, is there a press conference on this issue?

Anonymous said...

Phony Tony, he rubs me the wrong way!

Anonymous said...

tony of the city committee :did you know that he voted to name a bklyn, street for convicted kidnapper SONNY CARSON.he was also was arrested for murder. (THE BLACK VOTE)

did you know that he voted for HOMOSEXUAL MARRIAGE,for NYS, last year ? THE HOMOSEXUAL VOTE)

and now he supports the KOREAN SPA. (will he get the KOREAN VOTE also ?

Anonymous said...

A city council do-nothing is now a state do-nothing.

What has photo-op Avella actually accomplished during his long political career?

Precious little!

But he's going to get a damn good pension when it's all over.

Anonymous said...

Oh, but he's Parkside's pal and worked for the late Senator Leonard Price Stavisky.

Now he's tied to his wife and son.