Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Exploring the Forest Park Carousel

From the Forum:

Forest Park Carousel might get a reboot from the company that revamped Coney Island.

Possible bidders including Central Amusement International LLC, which runs Luna Park at Coney Island, toured Forest Park Carousel last week where the Department of Parks and Recreation is asking for operators once again.

The carousel hasn’t run since the city’s contract with the last concessionaire expired in 2008, but on Jan. 12, officials switched the historic ride on to give bidders and residents a rare look at the hand-carved animals in motion.


Anonymous said...

Oh move that damn thing somewhere else already...where people visit regularly!

Forest Park is becoming a haven for muggers and sex offenders!

Like, I'm going to venture that far to ride a historic merry-go-round.

Anonymous said...

Not enough foot traffic around there. Not enough spending money either. That's why the vendors could never turn a profit. The multi million dollar band shell doesnt even attract many people either,,, and thats free. Move it to Coney Island or perhaps evan a shopping mall....
Danbury Fair Mall has one and it is always busy. Toys R Us in Time Square has an indoor ferris wheel too...always busy.

Anonymous said...

the new old carousel down by the Brooklyn Bride is a hit, this just needs to be relocated, hopefully somewhere in the city.