Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Crime up in casino precinct

From the NY Post:

Crime has gone up in the Queens precinct that covers the glittering new racino at Aqueduct, The Post has learned.

It’s unclear to what, if any, extent the gambling operation can be tied to the spurt of petit larcenies and misdemeanor assaults in the 106th Precinct, which covers South Ozone Park.

In November, the first month since the casino opened, petit larcenies in the precinct rose 53.3 percent to 92, from 60 in the same month in 2010.

There were 41 misdemeanor assaults, compared with 26 in November 2010, a 57.7 percent increase.

In December, petit larcenies went up 8.2 percent compared with December 2010, and misdemeanor assaults were up 31 percent.

During the months immediately before the casino opened, the two quality-of-life crimes had been trending downward.

It’s not clear how many crimes occurred on casino property — but there were at least three: a car was stolen from a parking lot; a dropped wallet was snatched in the racino by a patron; and one gambler tried to use a counterfeit bill in a slot machine.


Anonymous said...

No shit! What did you think was going to happen!

Anonymous said...

Not surprised at all.
Have you seen all of the pawn shops popping up along Rockaway Blvd.
More seriously, not how many more houses are for sale in the immediate area. I was shocked to see this whendriving around there last week.
Where are all of the politicians and community boards now?????
They drove a stake right through the heart of this neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

No surprise here.

Anonymous said...

Just like Atlantic City...glitz in the middle of a gaping bung hole!

Maybe "the Italian boys"...if there are any left around the old neighborhood...can handle the problem.

Isn't that what the mob is traditionally for...to do what the cops can't?

Hey Guv Cuomo, you're Italian.
See what you can do to get the nabe some "protection".

Anonymous said...

Barking up the wrong tree! Rise in assaults is all the bars in little Guyana. Nothing to do with casino. Larcenies = cell phone & ipod and a high school down the block. Houses for sale = mortgage meltdown & forclosures from the likes of E Ajmad & pals.

Anonymous said...

They have bordillas and dancing girls like Vegas and Cuba there yet ?

Fl.ushingRepresenter said...

"Maybe "the Italian boys"...if there are any left around the old neighborhood...can handle the problem."

Yea because the "Italian Boys" have been known to make things correct again...

Anonymous said...

Gambling,alcohol and the parasites that are attracted to a place where money flows.........and no extra cops The mutts know there is easy pickins............

Anonymous said...

Was just in there last night. Needless to say a bunch of us were put in holding due to a scam incident that happened to us. We will never go again. Employees are wonderful, the patrons not so much. Rather go to Atlantic City or Yonkers than have to deal with that again. What a dumb place to put a casino.