Monday, January 23, 2012

Millions in fines owed for illegal billboards

From Eyewitness News:

It's been a week since a giant illegal billboard collapsed on the BQE.

Since then, an Eyewitness News investigation has discovered illegal billboards are everywhere and the companies that own them owe the city millions in unpaid fines.

When the illegal billboard came crashing down in strong winds on the BQE, Brooklyn City Council woman Letitia James got caught in the ensuing gridlock.

It gave her time to think about the years she spent trying to rid the city of these illegal signs.

"Some of these are major businesses and they've been put on notice time and time again," James said.

Mogul Media owned the collapsed billboard.

Eyewitness News checked Department of Building records and found Mogul has at least three other illegal signs for which it still owes the city $40,000.

But that's nothing compared to other billboard companies.


Anonymous said...

Speaking of illegal advertising...
has John Liu paid all his illegal campaign posting fines yet?

Anonymous said...

a good story would be why are Viacom billboards allowed to stay up

Anonymous said...

Who is responsible for inspecting the structural integrity of these large steel structures? It's just as important that the legal billboards are inspected as well.

Anonymous said...

So collect 'em Mayor Bum-berg and pull NYC out of the red!