Sunday, January 15, 2012

Not so fast, Andy!

From CBS 2:

There was more problems Friday for Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s controversial Aqueduct convention center project.

It seems the state doesn’t control a large part of the land and might not get it, reports CBS 2’s Marcia Kramer.

For a politician who tries to never make a mistake, Gov. Cuomo has suffered a major “oops” moment with his grandiose plans to let the owner of the Aqueduct racino build a new convention center there.

When the governor made that sweeping statement that he wanted to “build the largest convention center in the nation” during his state of the state address, he apparently thought the Port Authority of New York & New Jersey controlled 22 acres of the land at Aqueduct, so it wouldn’t be a big deal to get the bi-state agency to sign it over.

But he was wrong. The land belongs to New York City and Mayor Michael Bloomberg might not want to sell it to him because, oops, he has plans to build a convention center of his own near Citi Field.

And here’s another problem: a change in the city lease could trigger an extensive land use review and City Council sign off. Just imagine how many lobbyists it would take to get that done.

CBS 2 reported last week that the casino project also faces another hurdle. Competitors were not allowed to bid on it, as required by state law.


Anonymous said...

Given the opportunity Democ-RATS like Andy will always try to pull a fast one!

What's his share of the Malaysian slot machine empire that's in there?

Build the casino in the Rockaways.

That's the only thing that will save that place.

Anonymous said...

Also what as a result?

Anonymous said...

Am curious if the people of NY are familiar with what Cuomo did at HUD?

Anonymous said...

what did A. Cuomo do at H.U.D.?

Anonymous said...

suggest googling "cuomo HUD"

this is just a sample.

"... Andrew Cuomo, the youngest Housing and Urban Development secretary in history, made a series of decisions between 1997 and 2001 that gave birth to the country's current crisis. He took actions that—in combination with many other factors—helped plunge Fannie and Freddie into the subprime markets without putting in place the means to monitor their increasingly risky investments. He turned the Federal Housing Administration mortgage program into a sweetheart lender with sky-high loan ceilings and no money down, and he legalized what a federal judge has branded "kickbacks" to brokers that have fueled the sale of overpriced and unsupportable loans. Three to four million families are now facing foreclosure, and Cuomo is one of the reasons why.... "

Even the NYTs has taken Cuomo to task.

Anonymous said...

oh ! wow !, now tell me what he did about marriage laws in NYS ? btw ,is he married to the girl that lives with him?

Anonymous said...

Guess if you don't care about corruption and mismanagement, then
you get the government you deserve.

Anonymous said...

The Gov like his Dad Gov can not be trusted. He will ram this through. Maybe his dad represents Genting.

Anonymous said...

Manhattan is fine for a chiropractor's convention. But for heavy equipment you compete with wide open spaces in the midwest, not your supposedly interesting urbworm sights.

Anonymous said...

I wished the Persaud Real Estate Crew had a Judge like Judge Holder instead they had Judge Scheindlin. Thank you Judge Holder you made the right judgement. I think you need a promotion or raise in pay. Excellent job.