Friday, January 27, 2012

You've most likely been gerrymandered

Here are the proposed 2012 redistricting maps for the state offices. Notice how the lines were drawn so that Toby and Tony would have to compete against each other in a primary as well as Peralta and Gianaris.

Fun times.


Adam said...

We dub the new district... Padavan's Revenge.

We will be monitoring the BOE for residency changes, although it looks unlikely.

"A major blow to the Parkside stronghold in N.E Queens."

Anonymous said...

once again, the award for district with the most panhandles is District 16- Toby Ann Stavisky.

Also, Tony Avella's District 11, which wraps around Toby's District by hugging the northern shoreline.

Toby-Anus said...

Thank god i put all my furniture on rollers!

Anonymous said...

Nothing new here - - -If the Dems had won the Senate, they'd do the same to GOP districts.
Independent Redistricting Commission? dream on!!!

Anonymous said...

bye bye toby

Anonymous said...

Padavan goes nowhere, Toby retains her position and Avella goes for Ackermans seat.

10 to 1 any takers?

Anonymous said...

I live on the foreskin of the 13th district.

Anonymous said...

Mystery Mike never did much for his district and as a tribute to mindlessly electing him, he spends most of his time in Albany not helping his constituents, but building his personal resume by helping the party - on our dime.

Good riddance!