Friday, January 27, 2012

Robert Tierney insults Broadway-Flushing

Tierney letter to Avella re: B'Way-Flushing
"Based on the staff's review, the Commissioners' responses and my own review, considering the merits, staffing and priorities, I as the Chair, make the ultimate decision whether to bring a matter forward for formal consideration. In this case, and based on the review I described, I determined that it was unnecessary to further consider the proposal."

Allow me to translate. Bob basically just said that Mary Beth Betts nixed it off the bat, her biased analysis swayed the commissioners, and he only has staff available to push for "priorities" (i.e. anything in Manhattan and rowhouses in the outer boroughs).

As for Broadway-Flushing having been too altered to retain a "sense of place," there are SO many districts that have been adopted that have much less integrity than Broadway-Flushing, even after the last decade where they've had about 40 buildings demolished or altered (out of 1300).

Well, at least the great Democrat, Peter Koo, is happy.


Anonymous said...

Not until Reich's Chancellor Bloomberg and that snotty, bitter, elitist, Manhattan-centric, dyke, Mary Beth Betts are gone...will Broadway-Flushing ever see a municipal historic district created!

And Senator Avella (very well meaning) has no real power to push it forward. He's already tried his best and shot his wad.

He worked hard but couldn't get it done when he was a councilman.

Speaking of which...Where's Councilman Halloran?

Rather silent don't you think?

BFHA better not expect too much from that pagan-Libertarian-private-property-rights goofball.

Maybe Tierney will kick the bucket and LPC will get another chair who's less arrogant and uncaring.

We live in hope. He's old and tired.

Will the nabe survive until then? Who knows?

Anonymous said...

That's why each borough needs it's own Landmarks Commission.

All of the (Manhattan) LPC's resources go to the Golden Isle!

Anonymous said...

It doesn't seem to be in the cards (or the NYC Planning Commission's design) to encumber Broadway-Flushing with further deed restrictions such as a landmark district.

The Chinese colonizers will need more room to expand downtown Flushing's blight during the next 1/4 century.

Yes...the nabe has R1-2A building restrictions so you won't see high rise here.

But this is where the Asiatic real estate war lords will build their mini palaces...AS OF RIGHT!

Jerry Rotondi, former trustee, Queens Historical Society said...

It's way past the time for the preservation community of Queens (if there is any left with gumption) to sue the LPC for discriminating against our borough by not equitably applying the landmarks law here!

I'll contribute money to that!

Anonymous said...

So what does BFHA intend to do now.

Is it to be tea and cookies or a historical plaque program?

Has their leadership scheduled an appointment with their councilman Dan Halloran?

It needs to be done ASAP!

And if the councilman doesn't wholeheartedly back BFHA in their historic district battle, then let it be known!

He won't get elected for dog catcher!

Anonymous said...

Bob Tierney is a lawyer.

He insults everyone that his handler Herr Bloomberg tells him to.

Anonymous said...

Would an investigation on the state level (attorney general's office) regarding the internal workings of the LPC be useful?

I doubt you can get an effective one from NYC's DOI.

Maybe Senator Avella and Councilman Halloran should meet with BFHA.

And please, sheath your political knives for the good of the community.

The Flushing Phantom said...

Maybe it's time to fill a bus and picket the LPC's headquarters.

and hold a press conference right in front of the Municipal Building!

Jerry Rotondi, preservationist said...

Though the commission might attempt to "black-out" information in an effort to cover up any collusion or malfeasance on their part---

has the time arrived to "FOIL" the LPC's documents, minutes, etc. on all matters pertaining to the RFE (request for evaluation) regarding the creation of a Broadway-Flushing historic district and its denial?

At least a paper trail will have begun to ratchet up the fight.

Or is all of that material already in the shredder?

a Douglaston neighbor said...

Take the bit in your teeth, Broadway-Flushing and move forward!

and then PUSH some more!

We at Douglaston Hill did it!
You can do it too!

Your neighborhood most certainly DESERVES to be designated a municipal historic district.

It's already been deemed worthy by the state and federal governments...having attained both state and national historic district status!

So why does LPC Chair Bob Tierney have a bug (or is it a Bloomberg) up his butt about you folks?

Make some history!
Don't just sit by and become a victim of it!

Fill up those buses with angry residents!

Anonymous said...

And exactly what are the LPC's mysterious "CRITERIA" that make a site or neighborhood worthy or unworthy of designation?

Are they a secret?

Have they been codified or scribbled down anywhere?

Or are they based purely upon the whim of research director Mary Beth Betts?

a fan said...

Don't wait to see.

Maybe 10-20 years from now that nice Riverdale style R1-2A anti-Mc Mansion zoning will be changed to allow more bulk building in Broadway.

Then there are always variances to block bust a nabe!

Better move quickly, Broadway Flushing Homeowners Association,
before it's too late!

It would be a pity to see this fine residential neighborhood decline.

Anonymous said...

Jeez... how can you let this appear on your blog?

- Reich's Chancellor Bloomberg
- Manhattan-centric, dyke, Mary Beth Betts
- (Halloran)that pagan
- Maybe Tierney will kick the bucket

This contibutor insults to our mayor, who is Jewish, with a nazi term; calls a female city official a dyke; insults our councilman's religious beliefs and hopes that another city official dies.

Nice...real nice.

Koo's fellow Great Neck-er said...

Of course Peter Koo is happy.
He actually lives not too far from me in Great Neck!

Follow him home someday on the LIRR
and watch him unlock his front door.

He's probably toasting this latest Broadway bashing with his Republican-for-the-moment buddy Dan Halloran.

I used to live in Broadway.
I'm very sad about my old childhood neighborhood getting the shaft.

Queens Crapper said...

When comments like this appear on the Daily News, Times Ledger or New York Post websites, do you bitch to them? I doubt it. So why the double standard for this blog?

Anonymous said...

It sounds like some political shill is up early.

Or is it a faint hearted tea-sipper?

Nice...real nice!

Points for promptness are in order.

Anonymous said...

Maybe that "insulting contributor" is telling the truth about the Bloomberg Betts Tierney team!

They're out to stomp Broadway-Flushing and no amount of politeness or ass kissing will change their minds.

Better for Broadway to face up to this and put up a good battle or resign to its fate!

Anonymous said...

Jesus, Joseph and Mary...
pour yourselves all a Merlot and relax.

This is "Queens Crap" where all the shit comes out.

Anonymous said...

This muck raking blog exists because the weak-lie rags like Ackerman's Queens Tribune won't tell the real stories!

Great job QC and please keep up the good work!

And I hope you're reading this, Der Mayor's bobble head, Bob Tierney.

an Astorian historian said...

Uh..."nazi" gets a cap "N".

And it appears that your politicians, other than Tony Avella, are no friends of yours.

If you think they are, what have they done for you?

You are being played!

I see an empty horizon and Councilman Halloran (your direct link to city government) hasn't exactly been spearheading your cause.

Has he?

Raise hell! Raise any army!
Or forever hold your peace!

If it were my neighborhood and my real estate investment I'd be swinging my scimitar and lopping off some heads

Anonymous said...


And what's the Historic District Council got to say about preservation matters in far away Queens?

Or the 4 Burros Preservation Group?

Or that little ineffective historic preservation bunch that meets at Queens Borough Hall?

What can we expect from the Citizen's Emergency Committee to Preserve Preservation?

Nothing but supportive letters and an occasional visit.

Anonymous said...

Only one thing to do.

Overturn the Landmarks Law.

Of go in circles the rest of your life as the world moves on.

Anonymous said...

Uninformed boob!

You CANNOT overturn the landmarks law because it has already been upheld in the highest court in the nation...
St. Bartholemew's Church versus the New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission!

The Commission won fella!

Do some research before your mouth outruns your brain!

Anonymous said...

But the commission can be sued on the basis of it not applying the law equally throughout the 5 boroughs of NYC.

They can also be made to establish written criteria to base their rulings upon.

To this date there appears to be no such "boilerplate"in existence at the LPC!

The law can, and must, be amended!

Councilman Halloran, will you put forth a proposal to amend this law?

And I call upon all other council members to support this.

Dan can't do it on his own.

Anonymous said...

The LPC operates with carte blanche.

The "have" nabes get more and the "have-not" nabes get nothing more!

Each and every sitting LPC commissioner should be contacted by BFHA.

That's the only way to insure that gatekeeper Betts and Bloomberg puppet Tierney get to make the final decision RE Broadway.

Mary Beth Betts has been running the LPC show for years.

Anonymous said...


Its about time Queens stop being the hermit boro where everyone talks to everyone else and not the big nasty world out there.

The landmarks commission draws its commissioners from the five boros. Can anyone name one commissioner from Queens?

And what support will they give you if the boro historian disses preservation and the self styled Queens Boro Commissioners sit awaiting - confirming this mess by finding excuses to remain silent as they busy themselves forming lists that no one looks at?

Anonymous said...

The creation of a historic district in Broadway-Flushing will not happen unless the political climate changes at all levels. By the time that happens, it will be McMansion-ville Flushing.

Anonymous said...

Then why do we put up with the bullshit - and how do we start to clean house?

Anonymous said...

BFHA's clout could be waning unless they become extremely proactive!

Has anyone knocked on Borough President Marshal's or Councilman Halloran's door yet?

Borough hall supported a Broadway-Flushing historic did CB# 7 and the whole crew down the line.

Shouldn't Marshal and Halloran be pressuring Tierney to calender Broadway for a full commission hearing?

The days of hiding behind ol' Senator Padavan's army are gone.

Pick up your muskets residents and instruct yourselves in the art of fine marksmanship!

But maybe it's much easier to serve coffee at the end of your meetings
and hope for the best.

observer said...

(sigh)'ve hit the nail on the head.

Queens IS indeed a HERMIT borough!

And where does that leave Broadway-Flushing...the hermit's hermit?

Downtown Flushing...the big waiting to nibble on Broadway.

And you smug Baysiders...BEWARE!

You're being eyed as the second course after the appetizer.

Anonymous said...

Pish, klatches!

Invite the LPC to tea.
Let's compile a historical survey.
Come and see our new exhibit.

Queens "preservation" groups have been emasculated...held captive by their attachment to boro hall's purse strings.

Their need for funding takes the fight out of them!

Anonymous said...

Speaking of coffee...
I wonder how many people would hold out until the end of most civic association meetings if it weren't for the coffee 'n cake served at the end.


georgetheatheist said...

"Shouldn't Marshal [sic] pressuring Tierney to calender [sic] for a full commission hearing?"

Do not fret. Helen Marshall WILL come to the rescue here for her "beloved borough". See here how she explains her valiant efforts in opposing the renaming of the Queensboro Bridge.

Anonymous said...

Well, then, George...
Broadway begins by pushing Helen's face in the dish.

If she refuses to eat then they find out she's a phony for all of Broadway's voters to see.

That goes for the rest of their elected officials and community board!

That's certainly a good start.

And it will serve to wake up some of Broadway's sleepy heads who are still rolling their eye lids in a deep rem dream state.

A fraction of their leadership are their biggest problem.

The other thing is...that this privileged neighborhood hasn't had to work hard for at least 35 years.

Their Senator Padavan has always wiped their noses clean for them.

Now let them learn to become good pugilists or perish in the ring.

It's purely Darwinian!

If it's meant to be, then it will be.

Anonymous said...

It won't become Mc Mansionville.

The R1-2A zoning prevents that, at least.

But it will be encircled with fences and ugly improvements will devalue its former graciousness.

And that's more than enough to ruin it!

Anonymous said...


Where is Broadway's chartered bus filled with its angry residents?

That strategy worked extremely well for Douglaston Hill. They filled up a bus and walked straight into LPC's headquarters to vocalize for their cause.

Maybe (anti-landmark?) Councilman Halloran (Koo gives out money too) will spring for Broadway's bus.
(That'll be the test of Dan's true mettle).

I think that BFHA should meet with those Doug Hill folks (and others) to brainstorm some ideas.

It can't hurt.

Anonymous said...

RU followin' all dis shit,
Mary Beth 'n bobble head Bob?

Wait a minute folks...Der Mayor's on their tele-prompter.

They will reply in a moment.

an angry BFHA member said...

All of this political criticism will not help Broadway-Flushing.

Anonymous said...

If any politicians are going to hold the neighborhood responsible for one or a few loose cannons' criticism of them (on a known to be feisty blog site) then they've got a problem.

Electronic soapboxes can create
self important orators from time to time.

Welcome to Hyde Park.