Saturday, January 14, 2012

Sanitation regulation doesn't exist?

From CBS New York:

Six constituents of Queens New York State Senator Tony Avella have complained in the past few weeks of tickets for placing trash curbside outside of the sanitation department policy’s hours.

That policy says you can’t put the trash out any earlier than 4 p.m. on the day before collection between October 1 and April (5 p.m. other dates).

Avella says he can find no evidence that what he calls sanitation department policy was ever made into a formal regulation. That would require public comment, a hearing, and other measures.

“They never went through the proper procedures to change what is just an internal policy within the city to a regulation by which you can enforce a ticket,” Avella told 1010 WINS. “You can well understand why this procedure exists because otherwise every agency could say, ‘Well, today we’re making policy and we’re going to start issuing tickets.’ Well, you can’t do that.”

Furthermore, he says the rules or policies weren’t properly publicized.

Avella said his constituents who have placed their receptacles out for pick up day have received $100 fines.


Anonymous said...

I don't like Tony, but he's 100% correct. If an agency hasn't legally promulgated a regulation, then it's illegal "policy". Now what else has he done?

Anonymous said...

in the ghettos they don't give tickets for putting your trash out on the wrong day and no one recycles. no one gets tickets for not recycling. that's for white people.

Anonymous said...

that's for white people.

because white people are more likely to have civic pride and a sense of duty & responsibility and will pay the ticket.

Anonymous said...

That's interesting. In fact I always thought you could not put out your garbage on 80th Street before 7pm the night before garbage pickup scheduled sometime in the morning.

I'll take Avella over useless Katz anytime.

Anonymous said...

Other than pointing fingers at city agencies and issuing press releases, does phony Avella ever do anything on the state level?

Anonymous said...

he is positioning for the liberal/democrat candidate for mayor from N.E.Queens (cons/ind.),when mayoralty hopeful of the public union/left wing community groups, John Liu either voluntarily or by force has to drop out of the race.

he is copying liu's public relations tactics to keep his photo seen and voice heard , no matter how trivial or impotent the local nyc issue.