Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Vacant lot in Whitestone an eyesore

Too bad they didn't swing the camera around to show that Halloran's office is across the street...


Anonymous said...

good job Greg. now visit the almost completed asian daycare center at 40-50 F.L.BLVD/196-29 Auburndale.

the owner seemed to get his $60,000. in E.C.B./D.O.B. violation fines dropped ? he is a donor of former CM from Flushing,John Liu and now CM,Flushing Peter Koo.

the owner also is the owner of these CM's district office building in Flushing.

Anonymous said...

Halloran is likely too busy pimping for Joey Franco's White House Restaurant expansion...
uh...or...with very busy his district office aides!

Even his fellow Theod heathens think he's a doofus lately.

Up for leather mini skirt worn by once chief atheling of his tribe, CM Halloran.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to Queens, Helen Marshall, Borough President.

Anonymous said...

Yep...the Chinese, good only for take-out, are now taking out communities with overcrowding and filth.

They think they are exempt from following our laws.

And it appears they are thanks to the likes of their corrupt bloated friend, Congressman Ackerman, using his influence to bail them out.

Anonymous said...

Not only is hallorans office accross the street his bundlers office is in same building and the republican club headquarters run by ragusa and tabone is in the building next door

the building halloran and his bundler are in was featured on this site as a crap

his bundler is the same guy behind 1.5 million piazza italy deal on francis lewis

what a tangled web

Anonymous said...

"Up for leather mini skirt worn by once chief atheling of his tribe, CM Halloran."

I bet it would look real good on Avella.

Anonymous said...

Halloran's inactivity on a vacant lot RIGHT ACROSS the STREET from his OFFICE = complicity in the Koo/Halloran developer's tweeding of Bayside & Flushing

Anonymous said...

this is why we need al centola to run for public office

Anonymous said...

al centola would be awesome
if he teams up with matt silverstein then that would be great
al representing whitestone
matt the bay terrace walking in solidarity marching down francis lewis blvd
communities united by two dynamic blockbuster public servents

Anonymous said...

this is why we need al centola to run for public office

Absolutely but the guy refuses

Anonymous said...

this is why we need al centola to run for public office

Absolutely but the guy refuses


The fact that al dislikes power is more the reason we should write him in
and last year in the assembly race the whole bay terrace wanted silvertsein to run and he said no

we need people like silverstein and centola
the world would a better place if everyone was like them
there would be no wars, corruption, poverty, racism
when st thomas more wrote utopia he had a vision of a community under the stewardship of a centola and silvertstein with the wise counsel of debra markel
may not ever happen because they are all too humble too run
but here in whitestone we can always dream

Anonymous said...

The Councilman

Re: Two Bayside Projects:

The Huang Project and the St. Mary's Hospital Project

Both projects had very similar and important issues relating to the designation of their lots as "through-lots".

Both of these projects were highly controversial; vehemently contested and aired in the press over and over again.

Obviously, the Councilman as well as other politicians had to be aware of the issues for both these contested Projects.

For the public: Both of the lots that these projects are built on abut the Cross Island Parkway.

The DOB Commissioner and the Parks Department determined that the St. Mary's Hospital lot was not a through-lot.

That is just what St. Mary's wanted to hear. It seems that the politicians and others supported that determination.

The Weeks Woodland Association took the matter to the BSA and lost. They also lost in Court.

Somebody determined that Huang's lot was a "through-lot". The DOB does not seem to want to address the matter, even to this day. They are mute!!!!!

Tommy's architect, Angelo Costa, self-determined, so to speak, that the lot was a "through-lot". He got the Borough President's Office to issue a letter which he feels is the proof that the lot is a through-lot.

Bottomline, Tommy's lot is not a "through-lot". Therefore, his project is illegal.

Or, could it be that St. Mary's Hospital's Project is illegal.

Can you have it both ways?


Anonymous said...

the man interviewed stated that the problem existed over four years ago.

who was the district 19 CM then ?

who was the local NYS assembly woman then ?

who was the NY State Senator then?

why aren't their names being bashed on this problem ?

Queens Crapper said...

4 years ago, the lot was green and full of trees. Look it up on Google Maps.

Anonymous said...

The problem with trying to link Centola with Silverstein is that Centola is against overdevelopment in Whitestone and Silverstein is for it. After all Silverstein is backed by Debbie Markel who is for developing the 6 acres left in Cresthaven while Centola is against it. Write in Centola!

Anonymous said...

When St Thomas more wrote utopia he was thinking of you E.

Anonymous said...

Markel has said the youth of the community just hang out drink and drug in parks she prefers the mattones develop all of Whitestone

Being that she had a holiday fundraiser in her Mattone developed hom for Matt I don't think al wants to be associated with them

Being that he is for the youth especially the kids that would utilize his fields proposal

Go find another coat tail to ride on

Al for office