Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Why there's no new owner of Scobee

From Little Neck Patch:

Bob Greenberg, a lawyer whose family owns the bulk of the diner's parking lot (which, yes, is owned separately from the building) said that though the property has generated a lot of interest, the prospect of purchasing the former Scobee building - in addition to paying rent on the parking lot - has thus far deterred fruitful negotiations.

Greenberg said that though he understands the desire of potential buyers to want to own the lot adjacent to the building, he and his family remain staunch in their unwillingness to part with it. For one, he said, selling the lot would go against the "philosophy" of property ownership that the Greenberg's embrace. Add the loss of income stream and burden of high taxes, and you have the reason they are uninterested in selling.

Though Greenberg acknowledges that many people are indeed discouraged by his family's refusal to sell the parking lot, he said the bigger issue may be the asking price for the Scobee building itself.

Greenberg said that last he heard, Scobee’s lawyers wanted $3.7 million for the building, a figure that Greenberg said sounds unrealistic in the current economic climate.


Anonymous said...

Three point seven million?

"selling the lot would go against the "philosophy" of property ownership that the Greenberg's embrace"

An attempt to high-tone simple greed. Let the property sit fallow and be vandalized, let the community complain and cause regulatory agencies to write summons-after-summons.

That, and taxes will be the proverbial two-by-four that gets the 'berg's attention.

Hey, "the market" works both ways.

Anonymous said...

Things aren't what they used to be.That land will eventually be sold.............

Anonymous said...

Scobee is a great location for a methodone clinic. Then Greenberg could hire people to pick up needles and condoms. Have a selfish life 'Greedberg'.

Anonymous said...

Greenberg is just waiting for the highest Korean bidder to buy the property so they can build a strip mall just like they did at the former Patrick's Pub site right across the boulevard.

Anonymous said...

Greenberg's just tryin to squeeze every last jewish penny outta that parking lot while they can. "Philosophy" my ass.

Anonymous said...

Anon No. 5:

Your use of his religion completely undermines your point.

Anonymous said...

Paying taxes on a empty building. Check. Paying taxes. operating costs, and overhead on a parking lot. Check. Negative cash flow. Priceless.

Anonymous said...

"Paying taxes on a empty building. Check. Paying taxes. operating costs, and overhead on a parking lot. Check. Negative cash flow. Priceless."

This is just stupid. The guy that owns the parking lot doesn't own the building so he's not paying taxes on an empty building. Also, I am pretty sure, his cash flow isn't negative for the parking lot since I am sure Staples is renting space for it, and they have most likely owned the land for a very long time, so there probably isn't any debt.
Operating and overhead on a parking lot? Electricity, cleaning and taxes. That's pretty much it. If he was hurting for money he would have sold it.

Anonymous said...

Why would Staples rent the part of the parking lot that Scobee had used when their parking is more than adequate?

Anonymous said...

So let me get this straight...he is greedy for holding onto the property because he likes having a steady stream of cash flows and wont sell it to (probably all developers looking at the Scobee property). But if he were to sell would all be cursing him out for selling it to developers and ruining the community, and still calling him Greedy. He is doing what most of you here wish most landlords would do, instead of cashing out their properties and letting developers take over. Is he greedy because he is a land owner and collecting rent? Because it seems in this scenario, he is damned to sell and damned to keep it. Someone here mentioned Koreans buying and putting up a strip center....because that wouldn't happen if the 2 lots were sold together?

Anonymous said...

"Why would Staples rent the part of the parking lot that Scobee had used when their parking is more than adequate?"

It looks like one parking lot when you are there. So I assumed they were renting space from the guy also. My apologies if that is not correct.

Anonymous said...

Yeah it's the price of the building that's messing him up, not that fact that he charges $17,000 PER MONTH for PARKING? Um, okay, yeah, the building owners are the only greedy ones.

Joe said...

"Your use of his religion completely undermines your point"

Greenbergs religion has all to do with this greed
The Jewish have this religious thing about about "all" should own property if possible.
It been that way forever.
A good 1/2 of the Bushwick apt buildings and almost all the old mill factory's are owned by Jewz from Williamsburg.
Like Greenberg they are all greedy characters.
Greenburg was raping the Scobees owners for that parking lot --and wanted more

Anonymous said...

We do not, Joe.

Anonymous said...


It was, excuse me, greedy JEWISH slumlords that created the decline of the South Bronx.

If the shoe fits the be it!

Anonymous said...

The Jewish have this religious thing about about "all" should own property if possible.

"For one, he said, selling the lot would go against the "philosophy" of property ownership that the Greenberg's embrace."

It doesn't make you anti-Semitic to think that Jews like to own property and accumulate wealth. It's one of those good stereotypes.

Joe said...

Friend of mine has a plumbing supply company in Bushwick.
The landlord has jacked his rent to $36,000 a month.
After 30 years the landlord who now lives in Jupiter Florida still refuses to sell him the crummy old crumbling 2500 Sq foot building
This landlord has now "hinted" his son would make a good "partner" and he would work something out
My friend has decided "NO MORE" eff these greedy shylak dirt-bags and is going out of business just like the Scobee.

Anonymous said...

Going out of business? As opposed to finding another location? That'll show em hahaha

Anonymous said...


Joe said...

Going out of business?

More like retirement, he don't need the money and is sick of commuting from Manhasset.
He's keeping all the small stuff and going to do light local kitchen and bath stuff out of his garage.

Anonymous said...

Anon. No. 15:

I'm sure that you did an exact count of all of the landlords in the South Bronx in drawing that conclusion. You sound very well-informed and not willing to resort to stereotypes.

Anonymous said...

another great accomplishment by Frank Padavan.

Anonymous said...

You are right Joe. Religion has all to do with it. Us Jews believe in owning property and bleeding you non Jews for everything you got. That is why Jews are smarter than non Jews and why we are the Chosen People, you idiot.

Anonymous said...

It's the Chinese that are outsmarting the Jews these days.

In fact they're known as the Asian Jews.

You're out of touch.

Anonymous said...

Who really cares what happens to Scobee?

Their food sucked and it was overpriced!

Glad it closed.

Let the property sit and rot...remaining an eyesore at the gateway to Jewish Great Neck.

Anonymous said...

So the Jew who owns a piece of property is greedy, yet the people that want 3.7 mill for a dump not worth half of that is what exactly?

Come on really? Am I really in a Space Balls movie "Surrounded by A__H___s?"

Anonymous said...

Id say the one that charges $800 a day ($196.000.000 a year) for a 1/4 acre empty lot is the greedy one.
How much free $$$ does this blood sucking leach landlord need ?
The tax, insurance and maintenance cant be more then 6k a year with no structure on it. But no no no the owner wants $190K a year to sit on his ass and do nothing then cry and blame everybody else for putting the tenant out of business with a greedy lease re-newal

BTW: The Restaurant equipment in the Scobee alone is worth near a million.
One would have to be a moron to buy the Scobee only to have some greedy parking lot landlord hold a ransom over you head.
That parking lot would have cost the former owner $2+ million every 10 years.
What was the Scobee to charge $30+ for a burger and fry and expect to keep customers.

F_ Greenberg, nobody's falling for it his 1/4 million $$ a year lease is over ! That property is gonna stay vacant for years as the economy tanks or Greenburg comes to his senses or dies.

Archie B said...

Space Balls movie "Surrounded by A__H___s?"

The owners of the Diner are Greeks (pretty much Jews turned inside out)---same dam difference ! All greedy destructive iceholes IMHO.
If it were up to me I go to Great Neck & Manhasset grab them all by the neck (along with the few Asians) and de-export all of em !

The Greeks crack me up. These people remodel their houses every 10 years, (4 month "gift" of loud stone and marble cutting for all the neighbors as they sip Oozo in Greece trying to hook up their daughter with that "rich Greek boy for . These people drive Cadillac SUVs then then water shrubs with their in ground 16X30 un-chlorinated dirty swimming pool and Jacuzzi water.
(to cheap to buy chlorine tabs an stabilizer, let alone run the filter)
Its un-friggan real living next to a Greek. Is an experience let me tell ya.
I wont even go into the nasty morbid stench of lambs and goats cooking, it literally makes me vomit. Its a good way to loose weight from loss of appetite.
You can smell the crap cooking from the train station, the dam racoons wont even touch their garbage yet raid mine to make up it.
What do Greeks know about cooking in America 2011 ?

Anonymous said...

I see "Archie Bunker" is alive and well in Queens in the 21st century. I guess I have to ask myself why I am even remotely surprised that there are still people today who believe such stereotypical bs. Yep you have us pegged alright, we are all greedy land owners out to get you. Idiots.

Mr. Ginsburg said...

You don't have to be Jewish to love Levy's real Jewish rye.

And you don't have to be Goyem to dislike greedy Yiddlum.

Some of my co-religionists can, indeed, be greedy....
but not exclusively so.

Anonymous said...

Geez....all you have to do is use the "J" word just once in any post and the comments are increased tenfold!

I'm getting tired of the Jews making a thriving cottage industry of their persecution.

Other races have been persecuted, maybe worse, throughout history.

But they don't have influence with the media outlets.