Thursday, June 16, 2011

Push to bring back Q79 bus

From the Daily News:

A group of eastern Queens community leaders are hoping a little creative rerouting can restore some bus service along a defunct MTA route.

The Queens Civic Congress is pitching a proposal to alter bus routes adjacent to the former Q79 line to revive at least some public transit options to the area.

Since the Q79 bus line was axed last summer, attempted alternatives in the area have flopped. The Taxi and Limousine Commission launched a pilot program that used commuter vans along Little Neck Parkway but the operator quickly pulled out, citing low ridership.

At a city Department of Transportation meeting last month, City Councilman Jimmy Vacca (D-East Bronx) promised the frustrated civic group that he would review a proposal to alter other routes in the area to fill in service gaps. If the plan is feasible, Vacca said he'd press the Metropolitan Transportation Authority to implement it.


Kevin Walsh said...

The Q30, which ends its run at Little Neck Parkway and the LIE, could easily be extended up Little Neck Parkway to the LIRR. Maybe they could do that during rush hours.

The problem is that the Q79 had the lowest ridership among any line in the city. The people who used it to get to the LIRR didn't miss a beat and apparently find parking spots near the station.

You don't use a bus route, you lose it.

Anonymous said...

Now if only we had funding for this bus line... like from bridge tolls.

If only we had politicians in Queens who could actually make the right decision to support something like that instead of empty grandstanding.