Monday, June 20, 2011

More Brooklyn lofts forcibly vacated

From BushwickBK:

Residents of a large loft building at 345 Eldert Street, home to artists for many years, have been served with a partial vacate order by the fire department. The tenants in 41 of the 76 units — up to 160 people — have been ordered to leave their apartments by 9pm tonight (June 16).

Resident Beth Hommel told BushwickBK that inspectors came Tuesday to look at units in the building. Wednesday, Carnegie Management, the building’s owners, informed tenants inspectors would return. Inspectors came yet again this morning.

“I let them in at 10am and they didn’t say anything was wrong, but when my roommate left at 2pm there was a vacate notice on our door.”

The Dept. of Buildings lists 345 Eldert, a former manufacturing building, as a legal residence. Violations recorded recently include illegal and poorly built mezzanines, illegal plumbing, blocked sprinklers, and blocked egress.


Anonymous said...

From what I have seen, just about every single one of those Bushwick residential loft "conversions" is completely illegal with no valid C of O. The greedy fat hasids are making huge profits, probably with zero reported earnings or tax payments. Welcome to Real Estate interest city.

Anonymous said...

good. screw the hipsters

Anonymous said...

Send some of those inspectors to Queens.....we have a lot of illegal conversions.