Wednesday, June 15, 2011

BSA hears Bayside Hills case

From Bayside Patch:

The BSA did not render any decision Tuesday. Paul Bonfilio, the architect representing the owner of the home, will go before the BSA again in four weeks.

Bayside Hills Civic Association President Michael Feiner worries that if plans to build on the property adjoining 50-20 216th St. are approved, it would set a precedent to allow for similar developments—which his group believes are out of character with the other one family homes in the neighborhood.

"We must continue that battle against these developers," said Feiner, adding "or before we know it, our entire neighborhood would look ridiculous."

You mean you don't want your neighborhood to look like the rest of Queens?


Anonymous said...

It's a given that BSA will approve the variance: Architect Bonfilio is well-connected to BSA and was at one time its vice-chair. See link:


You should check your facts.
Commissioners on the BSA are appointed by administrations.
The architect was appointed under the Giuliani Admin, almost a DECADE ago. THe entire board is new. SO the BSA will most likely approve BECAUSE there's a ZONING law that allows it!!!! Precedent has been already set with other case. This is'nt the first case like this!