Thursday, June 30, 2011

Learning, laughing and reading on hold?

"I heard from a mole that the Queens Library's much ballyhooed Children's Library Discovery Center adjacent to the Central Library in Jamaica, which was scheduled to open to the public yesterday (June 28), did not have a C of O and therefore couldn't open.

Saw a long line of parents and children waiting to get into it this morning - wonder if they'll be disappointed 2 days in a row." - anonymous

Don't know if it was in fact scheduled to open Monday, but the DOB's website indicates that there still are outstanding requirements for this place to open, so a "mid-2011" opening is looking not so likely.


Anonymous said...

Hey, fire dozens of librarians because you have money (but find the money to run ferry boats to empty waterfront towers), don't buy books for a year and threaten to reduce hours, (but find the resources of time and effort to have the Dutch Kills millstones on display in a library branch).

I wonder if the library trustees knew about these things they would turn out differently.

ha ha ha

where oh where are the Queens news outlets?

Anonymous said...

The Children's Library Discovery Center is scheduled to open Wednesday, July 6 at 1 pm with all proper certifications. I promise: NOBODY will be disappointed. It is fabulous.

Joanne King, Queens Library

Anonymous said...

The library trustees are most probably on the take.

Anonymous said...

This is one messed up city.

Anonymous said...

where oh where are the Queens news outlets.

Running July 4 ads from the pols and real estate ads from developers.

Next question.

Queens Crapper said...

Here they are: New children’s center is feast for eyes, mind

Anonymous said...

$40 million for one facility in a system that is ailing?!?

Anonymous said...

would like to see a budget of how the $40,000,000 was spent.

How much for building supplies?
How much for labor to build it?
How much for management fees?
How much for the architect?
How much for lawyers?

How many square feet is it?

Imagine what you could build for $40,000,000?

Anonymous said...

That should be easy for the board to address - rather heavy on developer types and .. ah ... rather light on scholars, eh?

Anonymous said...

Apt title.

Reading ... learning .... and laughing....

Anonymous said...

14,000 sq ft which comes to $2,857.15 per sq foot but not having been a graduate of the Children’s Library and Discovery Center you cannot be sure by my math.

Almost no information on the internet about it.

When we hear about the continous crisis about the libary funding and services across the borough something just seems out of place.

Anonymous said...

Are parents from all over Queens supposed to drag their kids to Jamaica for this place or is this earmarked for a certain segment of the population?

Anonymous said...

"14,000 sq ft which comes to $2,857.15 per sq foot"

according to

day care center (which would seem similar in design to this) went for $185/square ft as of 2009.

amazing difference!

time for an audit.

Anonymous said...

>>Are parents from all over Queens supposed to drag their kids to Jamaica for this place or is this earmarked for a certain segment of the population?

Nah, parents from Queens are too busy trying to stay in the country

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Y'All com back now, heah?

Anonymous said...

Well, I guess its time to ask Jimmy Van Bramer about this as he was both involved in the library when this program got underway and its his district that hosted the millstones on library property while staff was getting let go and books not purchased.

I DO hope his agenda goes beyond gay marriage and is actually interested in helping his community - rather than personal agendas.

People should start to ask questions.

Anonymous said...

Your state has .... blah blah

This is the type of off topic stuff posted by hacks to try to make this website controversial and drive people away - note that it happens every time we hit a nerve here.

Anonymous said...

Stuff like this certain explains a board top heavy with developers.

Someone should look into this - and fast.

Anonymous said...

June 28 was billed internally as the "soft opening" of the Children's Discovery Center. But no C of O, so no soft opening.

Anonymous said...

It seems like someone was 'soft in the head' with this idea.

Fourth Estate - front and center!

Anonymous said...

"Fourth Estate - front and center!"

Sadly the fourth estate is in bed with the government.

Anonymous said...

Sure we know that - but every time bullshit like this is out in the open for public ridicule, its a bit like those little mice getting an appetite for dinosaur eggs.

You all need to sample that fare - and you know what? trust me, you will like it.

And there is not a damn thing those bozos can do about it.

Bit by bit we chip away at the Queens Crap that is hoisted on us and someday it will fall apart - and I have a feeling it will be like the USSR - big and monolithic and as brittle and hollow as hell.

Anonymous said...

"someday it will fall apart"

With the games being played in Washington it's going to be a big fall.

The distance between the leaders and the led have never been further apart since the civil war. If we get 4 more years of President Hussein, I'm afraid we might have another revolution.

Anonymous said...

Yea, its always somewhere else.

Washington, Albany, the mayor, God?

The further removed and abstract and impossible to touch the better right?

Wrong. People its our representatives right here at home - starting with city council. THEY are the ones responsible for THIS travesty.

Anonymous said...

Anon. No. 15:

Don't you just hate summer rerun season? Mindless programming run over and over again.

Anonymous said...

You got that right - THIS pol is doing THAT and THAT developer is doing THIS (yawn) unless you are a Clair Shulman look-a-like in some nursing home the whole thing gets sillier and sillier and emptier and emptier.

All sound and motion that - at this point - signify nothing - and less and less each day.

(except 'Honest Graft' and 'Tweeding' which pretty much Queens Politics in three words.)