Saturday, June 25, 2011

Bay Ridge house in sad state

From Yahoo:

According to a complaint registered with the New York City Department of Buildings, it was not until shortly before May 20, 2009, that the windows were removed from the house and teenagers began entering the property. Since May 20, 2009, the Department of Buildings has received multiple calls from people complaining about holes in the fence and children and teenagers trespassing on the property. The Department of Buildings received the most recent complaint almost two months ago on April 27, 2011.

That this 100-year-old house has been allowed to go to ruin and is slated for destruction is truly a shame. Despite its utter dilapidation, passersby often stop and stare, captivated no doubt by the glimpse through a window into Bay Ridge history. Why its current owner would purchase such a beautiful and intriguing piece of history for such a large sum and then apparently abandon it is unfathomable.


Anonymous said...

They fell asleep the contented citizens of Bay Ridge ... and awoke under the grey dawn of New Vallonia.

Joe said...

Speculating scumbags did the same thing with the Gatbsy Mansion in Port Washington (Sands Point).
The buyer and his son (Brodsky)bought it told everybody it was "moms" dream house to live in ... then destroyed it.

The wiseguys stripped up the parquet floors, fixtures and any other old stuff of value before smashing the windows, roof, gutter's so it would rot till the town had no choice but to condemn it and give him a demo permit.
The scumbag Brodskys then subdivided & flipped the cleared property to a builder.

5 Persian palaces are now going up.
The Gatbsy Mansion with its front lawn, trees and gardens would have obstructed the waterfront view and not liked by prospect Persian and Asian buyers.

Anonymous said...

same reason stores are kept vacant in Sunnyside,... "development"

Anonymous said...

The future of the Steinway Mansion?

Archie B said...

future of the Steinway Mansion?

....odds are same as the Gatbsy Mansion.
I'm surprised all the interior furnishings & hardwood floors, mantels and doors, haven't been out already.
Some new owner will then cry "rotten timbers" "old wiring" with whats left of it.
-Just give it 2-3 years unattended to the elements or a "accidental" fire.

Anonymous said...

What a shame. It is a beautiful house. Not many of them around anymore.

I wish I had the money to buy it and renovate it.....

Joe said...

Renovating would be like modernizing (ruining) a classic car.
You mean restoring whats broke and ONLY whats broke.
Some of those Greek builders from Astoria and Long Island are notorious for messing up old buildings with Home Depot bling, bowling pins and eurofucco.

Take a look at some of the 1920 Stier house abortions in Lowe Ridgewood...brass hand rails, lights and pink doorways ?
Are PR & Greek landlords blind or crazy ?

Anonymous said...

This city sucks......

AUSTIN said...

This house is beautifull, and it is a shape it is like this.They dont make houses like this anymore.