Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Cuomo expected to tweed

From the Daily News:

At the moment, four Assembly seats are empty, with a fifth becoming vacant Friday. Cuomo has two choices as to how they will be filled in the coming months: He can call a boss-driven "special election" or he can allow candidates to vie in open primaries.

No one disputes that the law gives the governor the power to go with either option. In the case of filling a vacant congressional seat, however, some argue that Article I of the U.S. Constitution ties Cuomo's hands.

They point to a provision mandating that governors "shall issue Writs of Election to fill" vacancies in the House of Representatives instead of appointing a new member. They then say a) that this requires Cuomo to issue an order; b) that he can only "order" a special election; and c) that the Constitution thus bars full voter participation.

Give us a break.

Cuomo should not so insult Weiner's constituents to the benefit of bosses Joe Crowley of Queens and Vito Lopez of Brooklyn. Nor should he impose "special elections" on residents of the legislative districts where seats are vacant.

The governor should give all the voters the complete say they deserve.


Anonymous said...

is not democrat dictatorship grand ?

Anonymous said...

If he does something to help Crowley and Lopez, you're right, Gramps. Then again, if he waits for the general elections, these districts go without representation until January. Which might not be that bad a thing when you think about it.

Maybe the Republicans will shock me and make a real effort this time.

Anonymous said...

Photographed from this particular angle.....Cuomo looks like he could play Frankenstein's monster.

All he needs is a pair of electrodes on his neck.

Step aside Boris Karloff!

Even Andy's swept back hair comb is a close match.

Anonymous said...

Would an open primary be like independent redistricting?

Anonymous said...

I...I still don't know what "tweed" means...Is it from William Marcy "Boss" Tweed? Is everyone who reads this site familiar with the term? I see it used nowhere else. Nowhere.

Anonymous said...

Previous poster - don't get out much I suspect - reminds me of a state assembly woman's chief of staff who told people once proudly she has never been to Central Park:

Anonymous said...

anon -1

Lighten up.

Not everyone is versed in urban / blogger lingo. Also, tweeding is pretty much a NYC term, and wasn't in common use when many of us left the city to move onto greener pastures.

Anonymous said...

is not homo/democrat/rino dictatorship grand ?

do not vote for pro- homo/cuomo marriage again.

the Cardinal has asked Catholic schools,churchs,organizations to ban the ny state politicians who voted for homo marriage.

i agree .

they did it to Ferraro when she became a pro-abortion advocate to ,lose the presidential & v.p. spot by a landslide.