Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Looking at lawsuits against the city

From WNYC:

Legislation proposed by City Council Public Safety chair Peter Vallone would bring more transparency and accountability to the whole police tort claim process. Vallone's bill would require the City's lawyers disclose to the City Council specifics on all settlements reached on behalf of the NYPD including the officers and precincts involved.

According to statistics from City Comptroller John Liu's office, the cost of settling civil rights claims against the NYPD jumped by 15 percent in the last two years.

The NYPD wants to see more of these claims go to trial. They may get their wish. The City's Corporation Counsel hopes to hire 28 new lawyers to handle the civil rights claims. When there is no NYPD wrong doing the Department believes the out of court settlements undermines the public's trust in the department.


Anonymous said...

Peter, is it true, as rumor has it, that you and daddy want to convert the Steinway Mansion into a hotel and bring yet another sibling into the community to continue Vallonia under the family boot for yet another 2 terms?

What IS your family's fascination with that community - you never answer phone calls on issues and are never around for the constituents (except those silly family fundraising events)

Anonymous said...

When are the Feds going to investigate the Vallones and the HANAC fraud under the RFK Bridge?

Anonymous said...

What IS your family's fascination with that community -

They have their eyes set for Bayside Whitestone area.