Monday, June 27, 2011

Honest graft attempt at Creedmoor

From the NY Post:

Two legislators who backed the 2009 sale of 4.5 acres of Creedmoor land to [The Indian Community and Cultural Center of Floral Park] - Assemblywoman Barbara Clark (D-Queens) and former Sen. Frank Padavan (R-Queens) - got thousands of dollars in campaign cash from its members, records show.

It was a great deal for the Cultural Center: The $1.8 million purchase price was a pittance compared to the property's estimated $7.3 million market value in 2010, city records show.

Now the Floral Park group is twisting state legislators' arms to push a deal for another six acres from the site. They plan to build an access road there to two giant nine-story apartment towers.

The Assembly passed a bill pushing the second sale on Wednesday. When Avella refused to sponsor the bill in the Senate, Clark persuaded Sen. Malcolm Smith (D-Queens) to back the idea instead. Smith introduced Senate legislation backing the second sale last week. But after getting furious letters about the land grab, Smith put the bill on hold.

Avella said Clark's insistence that he back the deal was borderline "threatening."
Group leaders and their family members delivered at least $2,351 in campaign cash to Clark last year. They've donated $2,850 to Padavan and $2,510 to Mark Weprin for his City Council and Assembly runs.

Weprin has also backed the development.


Anonymous said...

It looks like "Frank really cares" about topping off his campaign coffers with developers' money.

38 years on the job was too much of a temptation for Padavan to abuse his power.

Now the truth is released from the bottom's float upon the pond as fetid scum.

Shame ends a career.

Anonymous said...

That hardly sounds like "honest" graft to me.

It's f-----g crooked graft!

These pols deserve the William Marcy ("Boss") Tweed award for arrogance.

Anonymous said...

Holy crap!

I though the Stavisky dynasty was bad.

Whether you're Republican or machine makes no difference.

Power hungry pols usually will hold onto their cushy seats in government at any price.

Uh....what a coincidence....
Leonard Price Stavisky!

What's in a middle name?

Anonymous said...

if Queens politicians were jailed for supporting their constituents property deals,they all would be in prison.

they all get campaign contributions . Weprin ,Padavan and Clark played the game also. i do not believe it is a crime ,so far ?

how much in future campaign money was promised or given to the Queens members of the NY State Senate to vote for the Homo/Marriage/bill, last week?

who has the roll call vote? Did Avella ,Addabbo vote YES ?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous #4 asked regarding the same-sex marriage bill, "who has the roll call vote? Did Avella ,Addabbo vote YES ?"

According to the Queens Courier, "Each Queens senator – Shirley Huntley, Tony Avella, Michael Gianaris, Jose Peralta, Malcolm Smith, Joseph Addabbo, Jr. and Toby Ann Stavisky – voted for the legislation."

Anonymous said...

Padavan used his campaign funds to pay off the loan on his car (0ver $30,000) After HE LOST. SO BASICALLY THOSE CONTRIBUTORS GAVE HIM A BRIBE. SOMEONE CALL THE FEDS AGAINST THAT DRAFT DODGER PLEASE.

Anonymous said...

the NYPOST article states that CM Weprin also supported the first sale and received $2500. in campaign contributions .

Why was this information omitted from the Q.C. post ?

the campaign contributions for Padavan was $2800. and $2300. for Clark.

One wonders how much campaign money was donated by Shabad of Bay Terrace members to Cm Weprin and Padavan, and others, a few years ago ?

it was reported that $1.5 million in taxpayer money was granted to pay for the property purchase in Bay Terrace .
did the local civic get discrimination threats over protesting the deal ?

did the S. Field Y.M.H.A. in Little Neck get thousands of taxpayer dollars from Cm Weprin to pay for a roof and new air conditioning ,a few years ago ?

how many votes for weprin from this deal ?

do you recall the entire city of New Square, Rockland County , a hasidim population of 4700 ,voting for H.R.C for U.S.Senate/NY ?

Bill Clinton had just pardoned their four hasidim leaders who were convicted of embezzling $ 11 million of taxpayer dollars from anti-poverty funds from the NYS and Federal governments .

Anonymous said...

Oh, the Padavan patrol (maybe headed by Joan Vought) is busy.

Bye, Bye Frankie!

The feds will be on your ass shortly, no doubt!

Anonymous said...

Why did Padavan do nothing about Tommy Huang all these years?

Anonymous said...

why didn't tony avella and john liu do something about Huang ,all these years?

Anonymous said...

Where have you been? Everybody knows that Liu is related to Alice Huang.

Jerry Rotondi said...

Since we're on the Huang subject----
why didn't Claire Shulman do anything to stop Tommy Huang all those years----h-m-m-m?