Sunday, June 26, 2011

Service road shoulder is not a rest stop

From the Times Ledger:

Maspeth residents are fed up with truckers who use their backyards as an overnight rest stop.

Instead of passing through the neighborhood or finding a legal place to park, resident Manny Caruana said tractor trailers pull onto the shoulder of the Long Island Expressway service road and spend the night.

“I’m right on the block in back of the service road,” he said. “They leave the trucks idling all night long.”

And the large engines produce noise and pollution that irritate homeowners who live just across the street.

“You have the fumes from the expressway — that’s bad enough — but we have to deal with the pollution from the idling trucks as well,” Caruana said. “It’s a major problem. The people who live there have to suffer.”

And drivers pay a price, too, according to another neighbor, Linda Daquaro.

“One time, there were three trucks resting there and they backed up all the way to the service ramp,” she said.

And when the end of the last truck hangs over into the road, cars have to swerve to get by, according to Daquaro.

The problem has been going on for roughly six months, she said.

“It’s not a rest stop,” she said.


Anonymous said...

The problem is there are really no legal places for these trucks to go sleep/rest whatever, so they try to find spots where they are least likely to be noticed. I'm not saying its right, just that sometimes these truckers are between a rock and a hard place on where to rest or wait.

Queens Crapper said...

And the service road of a highway in a residential community is considered to be inconspicuous?

The industrial area is at the next exit.

Alfredo said...

Same thing is going on in Whitestone in front the Holy Trinity parking lot. In the morning when parents are droping off their children, they can not see going into and out of the parking lot.

Not to mention the mess found outside of their cabins when they finally move.

It is also happening on the other side by Harvey Park. Those are the Home Depot delivery trucks.

Anonymous said...

I've reported this problem to the 104th precinct three times. Not once did they investigate.

Who's getting paid off in the 104?

Anonymous said...

The rest of the country has free rest stops where truckers get to rest and recreate.
Is this another example of NYC being unfriendly to business? Without trucks NYC would starve.
Perhaps NYC should set up a rest stop along the LIE. Remember it was built and is maintained with federal funds.

Anonymous said...

These trucks are parked near the truckers' homes. Truckers don't need to rest in Maspeth. The furthest they could have driven in that direction is from Montauk and that is only 3 hours away.

Anonymous said...

I've reported this problem to the 104th precinct three times. Not once did they investigate.

Who's getting paid off in the 104?

No one, but unless you are a developer the city doesn't give a shit about you.

Anonymous said...

The area is seeing a dramatic increase in tractor trailers parked over-night in the neighborhoods of Maspeth and Elmhurst. To add to this problem, buses of all stripes are being parked on 57 th Avenue oustside our parks. Some house illegals who sleep and eat in these buses.

Anonymous said...

Maybe somebody ought to check and see if Liz Crowley is in the driver's cab.