Wednesday, June 22, 2011

LIRR engages in more arboricide

From Forest Hills Patch:

If a tree falls in your neighborhood, do the residents make a sound? How about if that tree is chopped down by the Long Island Railroad?

Locals in Forest Hills Gardens are making quite a bit of noise this week, after the transit authority quickly — and as quietly as they could — took to the train tracks near Continental Avenue and Austin Street in Forest Hills and chopped down a 100-year-old oak tree with almost no notice.

The resulting work left a hole in Forest Hills Gardens otherwise verdant skyline, and in the hearts of many residents, still reeling from the loss of hundreds of trees in last year’s September tornado and macroburst.


Anonymous said...

Tsk, tsk, tsk....
poor pussies of FHG.

Now their sequestered little bubble has been broken.

Now they have an open view to the rest of the crap that less privileged Queensites have to bear!

Anonymous said...

LOL! Murder! Murder! The LIRR is MURDERING TREES! Of course, were one of these trees to cause a train mishap and injure or kill someone, I'm sure there would be no outcry, right? I recommend the Forest Hills Tree Lovers plant all the trees they so desire on their own property. Go plant 10 trees for every "murdered" LIRR tree, OK guys? Save your blood pressure for something important.

Queens Crapper said...

When have you ever heard of a tree falling along those tracks causing a mishap? This sounds more like they had money to burn and this is how they chose to spend it.

Anonymous said...

Queens Crapper:
No. This sounds like the LIRR/MTA insurance legal eagles advocated the removal of certain trees that had the potential to cause a dangerous situation. Also, large old oak trees don't always fall in the direction of the tracks. They can fall in any direction causing, as you say, a mishap.

Queens Crapper said...

All trees have the potential to cause a dangerous situation. Next they'll cut them all down in the name of homeland security like Amtrak did last year simply because they had money to burn.

Maple Tree said...

I'm going out on a limb and announcing my departure from NYC. I'm picking up my roots, packing a trunk, and going to a location that's more friendly to trees. Now leaf me alone!!! So long saps!

FYI Bloomturd's bark isn't worse than his bite!!!

Anonymous said...

*Please don't rant and rave at me for what I am about to post.....thanks!
"We" had an advocate who held meetings with the local community and the L.I.R.R., in an attempt to get everyone on the same page and working together so that a compromise could be reached on the issue of trees , the miles of dangerously exposed train track (with no fence protection whatsoever : all too easy access for anyone's child or someone looking to cause track damage /terrorism ) and the seemingly liberal use of train horns . I am going to guess that involved members of our communities wrote /emailed/called all of their local politicians -since that is what you do when you care and need help -cast a big net and hope someone responds. Only one person stepped up. (This is where you are all going to want to kill me...) It was Anthony Weiner.

Anonymous said...

Only one person stepped up. (This is where you are all going to want to kill me...) It was Anthony Weiner.

Well hot dogs don't grow on trees!

Joe said...

LIRR -MTA are F- criminals IMHO

Has anybody noticed 1/2 the ticket machines cash devices are broken (metro-cards & Susan B Anthony dollars only) long lines, .
Yet tickets are now only good for 2 weeks and its a $10 processing FEE to apply for a refund
(and that only apply s before the 2 week expiration date as well).
Its a scam to keeps people money !

The Governor and attorney general need to get involved, this cant possibly be legal !!!