Thursday, June 30, 2011

Help Me Howard gets DOB permit revoked

Remember this?

Looks like after the DOB showed up not once, but twice and failed to gain access, the permit for 34-57 107th Street, Corona was revoked by the borough commissioner. Which once again proves that if you want something done by a city agency, embarrass them on TV.

Thank you, Howard!


Anonymous said...

Way to go Howars. Thanks
There's much more of this all over Queens.

Anonymous said...

Don't get excited,it's only temporary. The DOB is not only NOT doing a their job they are helping these developers and builders destroy our neighborhoods.

JO said...

so what happens now? are they going to tear it down?

Anonymous said...

Note the the local politicans and community board remain out of the story.


Anonymous said...

The biggest problem this builder facing is that he is supposed to finish the building and getting the c/o within one year from the date of down-zoning, 03/24/09, according to the NYC zoning resolution.
Without the BSA approval, he has to build it according to the new zoning R5 instead of R6B...... which means he has to provide 8' side yard on each side of his property!

Anonymous said...

I am sure he will be facing an uphill fight at the BSA after all this crap.

Anonymous said...

You do not have to get the c/o within one year. If the foundation for the new building has been completed before the rezoning occurred, then it is vested as of right with the old zoning. No BSA required.

Anonymous said...

Typical Queens Crap.

Thank you Claire.

Thank you Peter.

Thank you Quinn.

Thank you Bloombag.

You will all rot in hell.

Anonymous said...

At some point, people who care enough to live here and invest their families future here will start fighting back and exposing the corruption that has been going on with the DOB for the last 15 years here.

It cannot continue. If we had police that actually LIVED in the area they patrolled LIKE YEARS AGO, then the cops would GIVE A SHIT and arrest these rich, non-tax-paying foriegn bastards that come to Queens just to destroy our heritage and destroy our laws and rape our system. This owner sounds like a real piece of shit.

America. Love It. Or Leave it.