Thursday, June 19, 2008

"That's NOT my boy!"

After speaking with voters who participated in this month's special election, I have come to the conclusion that Anthony Como won based on mistaken identity. I noticed many people were mispronouncing his last name, so I dug a little deeper. And when phrases like, "I thought his father did a decent job as governor so I figured he'd be good" and "I guess politics runs in his family" are bandied about, then it's easy to put two and two together. (These are the same people who voted for Alan Hevesi years back because they thought he was Italian.) So, although the corrupt election process may have had something to do with the outcome, most of the blame has to be put on the blatant stupidity of voters in western Queens.

God help Council District 30!


Anonymous said...

Just as I said before Queens Crapper "we are the most uninformed voters in the World". I could ask a shoemaker in Italy who is running and he would tell me who in Italy and who in the USA.

Barry Popik said...

I had this reason on a "top ten" list that I was thinking about. Here it is!

10. Voters liked his dad, Mario Cuomo.
9. Popular, successful campaign slogan of "Vote for Como, not the homo."
8. Never slept with Brian McLaughlin.
7. Able to locate "a middle village" on a map of Queens.
6. Voters liked his dad, Perry Como.
5. Proved to voters that his body was all fat and not trans-fat.
4. Promised frustrated Con Ed customers in Queens that they'd have "A.C." this summer.
3. Humble act paid off when he told voters he worked below a Serf.
2. People thought he looked like Kevin James, that fat "King of Queens" guy.
1. "Election? What election? Wasn't the Board of Elections supposed to send me something in the mail?"

Anonymous said...

"God help Council District 30!"

Even God has limited powers. After all, He made Dizzie Lizzie and Como himself.

So, God is unlikely to be able to do much to improve the brains of those who voted for this pair.

We're on our own, more or less.

Anonymous said...

Council district #30 is obviously brain dead! Too bad for them.

Voter ignorance is how the ruling class has always managed to impose their chosen candidates upon the working class.

Smarten up folks or you'll be repeating your same mistake of handing the keys to your neighborhood over to the likes of Gallagher and Como.

Remember, after they continue to screw you all, you voted them in.
You've already made your bed and now, unfortunately, you'll have to lie in it.

Remember the
"Buffy the Vampire Slayer"
TV series?
A bloodsucking vampire has to be
invited into your home or he can't come in.

Maybe you're getting what you deserve for taking the easy way out by not carefully examining the real story behind each candidate.

Once again the clubhouse rules
and the political crime spree continues.

Anonymous said...


I call "Bull Shit"..

Anonymous said...

Who thinks Mario Cuomo was a good governor? He was terrible. We are still stuck paying for his messes.

Anonymous said...

Number one reason voters chose Anthony Como:

"Hey! He's a paisan. Fuggedaboutit! Badabing!"

Ridgewoodian said...

Oh my, oh my, oh my. I surely hope this isn't true. But I fear it is.

Anonymous said...

I would assume it would be the only reason Tony Nunziato would be elcted also huh?

Oh wait.. never mind.

Anonymous said...

'"Hey! He's a paisan. Fuggedaboutit! Badabing!"'

Unfortunately, a lot of Italian people vote this way I'm ashamed to admit.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, a lot of Italian people vote this way I'm ashamed to admit.

And the polticians know it. That is why they tweed.

Ever hear them talk about voting patterns the day after election day?

They would make George Wallace blush.

That is one reason why this mosaic stuff that they talk about is so much horseshit.

Even they don't believe it.

Anonymous said...

The politicians do or say whatever they have to in order to get votes. This is a well-known fact.

As a matter of fact, they count on people being stupid. Just look at the 2004 election. How else could Bush have won?

Anonymous said...


Your slip is showing ....

Anonymous said...

Hey check out the new blog everyone

Queens Crapper said...

I think I will lay off Anthony Como for awhile and see how he does. He can't possibly be any worse than the lying, granny-molesting former occupier of that seat. And he did say that Dennis Gallagher was the worst councilperson in the history of the NYC Council, so he at least recognizes a drunken pink scumbag when he sees one.

Anonymous said...


Get a life. You are scary.

Anonymous said...

I think I will lay off Anthony Como for awhile and see how he does

Fair enough.

I like the mature attitude on display here.

Anonymous said...

You know, Gallagher is a sadistic, cowardly, drunken, grandmother attacking (admitted) moron whether he calls himself Patrick Henry or Reflushed Outhouse With Horseflies.

It matters not that he is using his own sticky fingers or one of his male lapdancers to do the typing, he is a MORON!

Gallagher, you are a stupid MORON! Take care that DOI doesn't pounce on you again.

How's your drinking, whoring and gambling problem? Do you ever get to meet a woman you don't want to rape right then and there? A real woman? How about real little boys? Staying silent on that, eh?

Anonymous said...

District 30 is known as the district that votes because of the name and not the value of the person they are electing into office. The best example is the Baldeo race of 2006. Baldeo ran that race strictly on the fact that no one knew what he looked like in the district. And he almost won.
So if you look back to the 2006 race you will see that no pictures of Baldeo were put in any of his literature or in any of the papers. He would not allow his photo to be out during the election. The people in the district voted for Baldeo strictly because these fools thought they were voting for an Italian. This goes to show you how uneducated the voters in this district really are when it comes to politics.
Had Baldeo gotten into office you would have had the most corrupt politician since the early 1900s. Even the Albany Democrats did not want Baldeo up in Albany working with them. The Albany Democrats made sure that Baldeo was not going to get the seat and they stole the race back from Baldeo. How stupid can you be when you go to vote and you vote by name rather than educate yourself about the person you are voting for.
This is as bad as the way Florida screws up their elections time after time.
I believe that had Gotti ran for office they would have voted him into office. They have no political sense and only go for one of their own. They would rather a Mafioso womanizer killer, than a gay guy. Their value system is backwards. That gay guy probably would have been the best thing that happened to us in years.
Now look what we are stuck with.