Friday, June 6, 2008

Stay out of Queens subway bathrooms


A police sting has resulted in the arrests of six men at two Queens subway-station bathrooms known as notorious trysting spots for men.

The six were busted over a 90-minute period Tuesday afternoon in the bathrooms of the 71st-Continental Avenue station in Forest Hills and the Union Turnpike station in Kew Gardens. They were charged with public lewdness, the sources said.

The arrests followed the May 27 arrest of NYPD Transit Bureau Capt. Jeffrey Klimas, 51, for allegedly exposing himself to a young man on the platform of the Union Turnpike station.

But the police sources said the sting was not connected to Klimas' arrest. "They're notorious. They've been historically active bathrooms for that kind of stuff," said one police source.

Cops made the six arrests after hiding in bathroom closets.

At Union Turnpike, a transit employee said cops conducted another sting four weeks ago.

"Every 20 minutes to half-hour, police would leave the bathroom with a bunch of guys," he said.


Anonymous said...

I was told that police captain was offered a better assignment in the detective bureau but decided to "stick it out" in transit.

Anonymous said...

was larry craig one of the 6?

Anonymous said...

Watch out, women of Queens! Pinky's been seen in the subway ladies rooms!

Anonymous said...

Who knew that Union Turnpike still had a publically accesssble restroom? I go through there all of the time and I didn't.

Anonymous said...

Ah those notorious "tea rooms"
as they're called in "the trade"!

If the Jackson Heights elevated RR bathrooms offered more privacy,
I suppose the local boys from "Vaseline Alley" would have preferred to use them.

But with the Roosevelt Ave. subway connections close by, Kew Gardens or Continental Ave. isn't too far to travel for (ahem) kissy-face games!

Things just ain't the same in JH since "The Magic Touch" closed or the "Terminal Bar" etc.

Now it's a hell for homos desiring
to grab a nearby quickie.

Alas, we've all become commuters in pursuit of services nowadays.

georgetheatheist said...

What about the Yellow Trail in Forest Park?

Anonymous said...

"What about the Yellow Trail in Forest Park?"

Larry's Lane, you mean? At least that's what I've always heard it referred to as. You can still see couples or groups of suspicious looking characters walking in and out of Forest Park on Park Lane South on any given evening.

Anonymous said...

Personally I prefer the parking lot in cunningham park.

Anonymous said...

"Personally I prefer the parking lot in cunningham park."

Thanks for the info! Yet another spot in NYC loaded with urine.

Anonymous said...

Muni lot #1 in downtown Flushing is
(and has always been) the area's prime "cruising course".

Eh...C.M. Johnny?

I always wondered
where Liu's bright little smile came from.

but he's got his "beard"
and offspring/son Joey
(named after his convicted felon father)and his "above reproach"

Methinks it's shades of
"The Wedding Banquet".

The tabloids will spot him some day sucking face somewhere, no doubt.
That is, if the feds don't nail him first on corruption charges.