Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Queens preservationist says "D'oh"!

Preservationists are pushing the city to landmark nearly two dozen banks, churches and architectural standouts in Jamaica - but two houses of worship they contend are most deserving don't want the designation.

The city Landmarks Preservation Commission has promised to study the list of 22 sites, but pastors from two churches heralded for their beauty and history said they don't want to be picked.

Two Jamaica churches say thanks, but no thanks, to landmarking

"You're restricted with what you can do with the building," said O'Connor, adding he was "very upset" when historians led a recent walking tour into the 1927 Gothic church on Parsons Blvd. - interrupting a First Communion rehearsal.

Historian Jeff Gottlieb, who planned the May 24 tour, apologized for not contacting the pastors in advance, and stressed he never intended to barge in on the rehearsal at Presentation.


Anonymous said...

Uh...Jeff...since you're Jewish,
we can excuse your unfamiliarity
regarding church ecclesiastical technicalities and barging in on rehearsal for Holy Communion but not your arrogance and pompous stupidity!

Anonymous said...

Those churches recieved those lands as donations.

They turned off the congregations with their tired polticial agendas, so they are losing people and money in a society where religion is strong and thriving.

If they cant cut, then they should be forced to sell to another religious body that can.

Instead, they want to tear down their buildings and, as they are churches, can put in an out of scale facility.

This has to stopped. Maybe someone can call the Sacred Sites program and get their take.

Anonymous said...

What is QHS doing in Jamaica? Kingsland House is always snooping around other communities sticking their nose in their affairs, looking for support and the like.

Look what a fine job they did for Flushing.

Anonymous said...

First Presbyterian in Jamaica has already been ruined by the aluminum siding that was put on it years ago. You can see photos on their website:

Anonymous said...

This was done in the old Presbyterian Astoria Church which dates back to the 1700's on 27th Avenue and 14th street after the entire community asked them not to EXCEPT for the corrupt Community Board 1, the Parsonage was torn down and a nursing home was built on top of a 300 year old cemetary and all stain glass windows were covered up by walls.

All trees were destroyed and the lawns were turned into an asphalt carpark for the Pastor and his staff. Another large old tree was destroyed on the corner to make way for a driveway where there is NO permit to have done so.

I guess those old souls are resting easy now.