Saturday, June 14, 2008

The East East Village?

So I exited the train one day at DeKalb Avenue on the L line and looked up. This is what I saw. My first thought: "What the HELL?"

But then I said, "Geez, they're really trying to force-gentrify Bushwick, aren't they?" Last night I went to the condo's website. And it was the best laugh I've had all week...

More hilarity here: L Lofts.

These are not lofts, but condos. This is not the East East Village, but Wyckoff Avenue in Tweedville, and from what the 104th Precinct says, you really don't want to be strolling the streets here after dark. For a project that boasts of its outdoor space, they managed not to show any on their site.

God, I hope the condo craze never crosses the border down here.


Anonymous said...

I wish they would have stuck the Real World Brooklyn feebs there, but they'll be ensconced downtown.

Anonymous said...

Uh, guys, this sort of crowd has been moving to Bushwick for quite a while now. I lived there for a few months back in '02 and there was already a sizable presence in Bushwick.

You are acting as if it's surprising that the Williamsburg hipsters are moving east. It's no different than when the East Village hipsters moved to Williamsburg.

West Village--East Village/LES--Williamsburg--Bushwick.

I guarantee 5 years from now you will start to see stories of hipsters in East New York.

Anonymous said...

Real hipsters don't buy luxury lofts. They live 4 or 5 to a room. So who is this targeting? Yuppies pretending ot be hipsters.

Anonymous said...

What is that thing in the second picture? Please make it go away!

Anonymous said...

The New Bushwick has:

"The offbeat appeal of East Williamsburg" and
"A Lower East Side kind of feel"

What autheniticity? All the qualities listed in the ad are borrowed from other neighborhoods.

Anonymous said...

The "artsy-fartsy" crowd has already anchored themselves in Bushwick for years now.

Trendy little eateries have sprung up around the Montrose Ave. stop on the "L" Line.

But take a walk back to your "studio/loft" late one Friday night after a bout of latte-lapping and you're likely to get mugged as several artist friends of mine recently were.

These urban pioneers should have known better and strapped their .380s on.

A Walther PPK is mightier than a paintbrush!